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10 Clever Ways To Take Airplane Snacks To New Heights

Airplane food need not be boring. And, with JetBlue's unlimited brand-name snacks and entire cans of soda, the delicious snack combinations are endless!

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1. Two Peanut Butter Cookies + Peanut Butter = An Impromptu Cookie Sandwich

Make everyone around you jealous by how smart you are that you thought of this cookie sandwich.

2. A Chocolate Chip Cookie + Craisins + Apple Sauce = Fruity Pizza

The apple sauce adds a nice sweetness.

3. Croissant + Cheddar Cheese = A Surprising Addition to Your First French Love

This is just like a delicious cheese danish. Trust us, it's good!

4. Iced Tea + Cookies = American Tea Time

You can dip a cookie in whatever you like. It's your life.

5. Cranberry Juice + Seltzer = A Lovely Mocktail

Looking for something a bit more refreshing than plain juice? Seltzer is the perfect way to brighten up any drink.

6. Tomato Juice + Cheddar + Crackers = Cold Grilled Cheese

Dip the crackers in the tomato juice for a new take on an old staple.

7. Cookies + Nuts + Chocolate + Chips + Animal Crackers = Your Very Own Party Mix

By mixing your own you get to make ALL the important decisions.

8. Beef Jerky + Honey Mustard = Fancy Jerky

Not a huge beef jerky fan? Try dipping it in something like mustard. You might just change your mind.

9. Coffee + A Cookie = Italian Snack Time

This is the one time where a soggy cookie is an accomplishment.

10. Blue Potato Chips + Raisins + Spreadable Cheese = The Airborne Version of Ants on a Log

Who likes celery, anyway?