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17 Stages Of Going To A Life-Changing Concert

It's the best kind of emotional roller coaster. Feel the rush all over again, and catch a performance of the Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Spectacular!

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1. Tour dates are up! Don't freak out.

2. You start saving up so you can get the best seats possible.

3. You prepare meticulously for tickets to go on sale.

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4. And your friends are on standby in case your internet goes out.

5. You do your "tickets purchased" victory dance!

6. You wait impatiently for concert day to come.


7. You obsessively revisit every album...

...including the really deep cuts.

8. You plan out your outfit weeks in advance.

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9. You toss and turn the night before because you're so excited.

10. You get to the concert and make a beeline for the merch stand.

11. You get lost trying to find your seats and panic that the show is about to start!

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12. You instantly become friends with everyone seated around you.

13. You pull out your lighter for that one perfect song (and glare at the people holding up their cell phones).

Dylan O'Dowd (CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via Flickr: dkophotography

14. You try to sneak backstage...

...and fail.

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15. You catch a glimpse of your favorite performer and pass out cold.

16. Your wristband is a symbol of this perfect day, and you're never taking it off.


17. The next day you put your headphones on and relive the whole thing all over again.

And now's your chance to see some of your favorite musicians on the big stage! Check out Michelle Williams and Brandon Boyd in the Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Spectacular!

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