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18 Signs Musicals Are Your Religion

You worship musicals. They take you to a joyful world of singing and dancing — so be transported with the Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Spectacular, coming to a city near you!

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1. You collect autographed Playbills as if they were baseball cards.

thesolaris5 (CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via Flickr: thesolaris5

2. You find yourself quoting shows in real-life situations.

Johanna Sarriot / Buzzfeed

3. Every moment of your day is scored with a song from a musical.

4. You fully expect your cats to launch into a musical number at any moment.

5. And you're constantly wishing the people around you would break out in song.

6. You were the star of every production in high school...

A Very Potter Musical / Via

...and it gave you that musical theater swagger!

7. You work out to Broadway's Greatest Hits.

8. Road trips are all about the musical soundtracks, baby.


Nothing better than a car full of people belting "Defying Gravity!"

9. You just can't stop watching Glee, and you don't know why.

10. You keep old VHS tapes of your favorite musicals...


...and rate them on a scale from Rock of Ages to The Sound of Music.

11. You have a shrine dedicated to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

12. And you always keep an eye out for loose chandeliers.

13. When the orchestra starts playing, you "see the light."

14. You cry at every curtain call.

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Because the actors are living their dream, and it's just so darn beautiful!

15. You wait outside the stage door and try to play it cool when your favorite performer comes out.

16. You know who all three of these women are...

lev radin

lev radin

Everett Collection

Everett Collection



...and you've practiced meeting them a thousand times.

17. Your go-to victory dance is the kickline.

18. And since musicals take you to your happy place every time, you know you're always home!

Treat yourself to some happiness. Get your tickets now for the Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Spectacular!

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