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    Tasty's New Smart Cooking Device Is Coming, And It's Brilliant

    This is the future that food-lovers want.

    Remember how you thought the future was going to be all robot butlers and hoverboards, and then it turned out to be mostly climate change and exploding hoverboards?

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    These are not the hoverboards we were promised.

    Well, BuzzFeed's new Tasty One Top, the smart countertop cooking device that helps you flawlessly cook tons of Tasty recipes, is a piece of Jetsons-level technology we can seriously get behind.

    It syncs to the Tasty app and automatically adjusts temperature and power to a recipe's specifications — and your personal preferences. Want your steak well-done? The One Top will adjust the temperature and cooking time to match your (incorrect) preference.

    You can also use the One Top without the app, if ~experimentation~ is more your game.

    The One Top tracks cooking time and temperature in real time, so it will tell you when to proceed to the next step of the recipe, whether that's flipping the pancake, adding the onion, or stuffing your face.

    The face-stuffing step is the most important, obviously.

    Name a kind of cooking, and the One Top can do it. Go on. Okay, I'll go first: pan cooking?


    What about slow cooking?


    What about sous vide, a kind of cooking I have only heard of on Top Chef in the context of Padma berating a chef for doing it wrong?

    YOU BET! If that Top Chef chef had had a One Top, he could have spared himself a Padma tongue-lashing.

    It's energy-efficient, space-efficient, and hunger-efficient.

    It's the fastest way to go from hungry to eating a delicious, home-cooked meal.

    You can preorder the One Top for $149, or get a One Top + a four-piece cookware set for $184.

    Don't worry! It works with most cookware, including cast iron.

    These bad girls ship out in November. We know — the waiting is the hardest part!

    (PSST: BuzzFeed makes money if you buy this crazy thing!)

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