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    17 Products For People Who Always Carry A Whole Lot Of Shit

    Schlep smarter!

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    Preparation means never having to say "sorry I'm dripping all over your presentation; I got caught in a freak thunderstorm without an umbrella."

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    These products are perfect for everyone who feels naked without a backbreaking amount of everyday supplies.

    1. A simple, classic zip tote that's perfect for everyday use and holds a ton of stuff.

    Promising review: "I LOVE this bag. I travel a lot for work and my coworker had the tote in reverse denim when I was traveling with her and I immediately purchased my own in black. It fits so much without compromising the sleek design and easily zips shut to protect your valuables. It's perfect for carrying my laptop, documents and books, and personal items all at the same time." —Alex HB

    Get it in multiple colors at Everlane for $48.

    2. Or a convertible holdall that can go from handbag to backpack before you can say "spinal alignment."

    Promising review: "Normally I'm a cheap, '$30 handbag' kind of girl, but I decided to spend a little extra on this bag because I really liked how it turns into a backpack. It's totally cute and adorable and I love it! It's soft and pretty and holds a lot of stuff and goes with everything. My new favorite bag!" —Rebecca

    Get it at ModCloth in black or cognac for $69.99.

    3. A folding tote to stash in your bag for impromptu grocery shopping or on-the-fly weight redistribution.

    This one is printed with croissants, but it won't flake out.

    Get it in three patterns at Urban Outfitters for $10.

    4. A wet pouch to keep the funk of wet gym clothes off the rest of your shit.

    Promising review: "It does exactly what it's supposed to do, is super lightweight, and has never leaked." —Jaclyn

    Get it on Amazon for $10.49.

    5. A water bottle that rolls up tiny and weighs practically nothing.

    I brought this on a five-day backpacking trip and can confirm that it is brilliant in both camping and schlepping-around-town scenarios.

    Get it in multiple colors on Jet for $9.99+.

    6. A travel makeup kit that fits in the palm of your hand.

    This Stowaway Cosmetics kit includes BB cream, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and mascara.

    Get it at Stowaway Cosmetics for $79.

    7. Leakproof travel bottles so you can siphon some off from the toiletries you already have.

    Don't skimp on these unless you want a lotioned laptop.

    Get a set of six bottles and two jars at Jet for $10.12.

    8. A pair of flat-packing shoes you can wear to the gym or on your commute without sacrificing valuable bag real estate.

    Promising review: "I really like these Fitkicks. I have used them at the club and when I was driving on long road trips. I have worn them with and without socks. They're lightweight and they don't take up much space in my gym bag." —Stacy

    Get them at The Grommet in multiple colors in men's sizes for $21.99 or women's for $19.99.

    9. A lightweight, compact umbrella you can tuck away and forget about until the weather turns inclement.

    An extra 10 ounces to protect you from sneaky flash floods? Worth it.

    Get it at Walmart for $10.35.

    10. A folding bag that will keep your cords and devices organized, easy to grab, and enveloped in millennial pink.

    Save yourself from the earbud tumbleweed.

    Get it at Jet for $11.99.

    11. Or a USB charger keychain that takes the cord out of the equation.

    Promising review: "It works exactly as advertised. Now I never have to worry about my phone dying while I'm at work. It's wonderful that it's right there on my keychain when I need it." —Del

    Get it at The Grommet for $14.95.

    12. If you're feeling really fancy, a battery-charging case could permanently banish phone chargers from your bag.

    Keeping it 100.

    Get it at Walmart for $55.99.

    13. Individually wrapped deodorant wipes you can tuck away anywhere.

    Lightweight, all-natural pit refreshment!

    Get a pack of six at Walmart for $2.99.

    14. Mesh storage bags for organization, so when you're pawing around in your bottomless bag, you have at least a 25% chance of finding what you seek.

    Divide and conquer.

    Get a set of four at Walmart for $6.55.

    15. A teeny-tiny brush for taming the tangles on your head without contributing to the ones in your bag.

    The Wet Brush has legendary detangling abilities.

    Get it at Jet for $5.80.

    16. A cozy sweater that folds up into a little pouch (until you need it to rescue you from the tyranny of office AC).

    Promising review: "I keep this beauty in the car or in my purse for breezy restaurants. Nice fit. I think I'll buy another." —rellots

    Get it on Amazon in pink, white, or gray for $39.95.

    17. A sparkly wallet that can do double duty as an evening bag.

    I believe this is what they call "day to night."

    Get it at Urban Outfitters for $30.

    It's poppins off.

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