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    11 Products That Will Make Winter Running So Much Easier

    Zero chill.

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    My refusal to join a gym only really becomes a problem in the winter.

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    Ninety percent of my exercise comes from running outdoors (the other 10% comes from climbing the comically steep stairs to my boyfriend's apartment). Most of the time, my system works out great! I get to spend time outdoors, explore the city, get places faster, and listen to hours of podcasts every week.

    During the winter, though, some preparation is necessary to ensure I stay safe and toasty — especially because I'm a huge baby about the cold. Here are the best products I've found for totally tolerable winter running.

    1. No-tie shoelaces, because tying your laces with your clumsy glove-hands is extra annoying.

    Jessie Gaynor,

    I started using these Hickies over the summer, and will continue to use them year-round, because the more steps I can cut out of my pre-workout routine, the likelier I am to make it out the door. Tying my shoes is admittedly a small one, but I love being able to slip on my sneakers and not worry about the laces coming undone. And while retying your shoes in the middle of a run is a nuisance in any weather, it's especially annoying in the winter, when your hands are either be-gloved or cold-clumsy.

    Get them from Hickies for $17.99 (available in 18 colors).

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    2. A wool base layer, because as a very wise woman who is my mother never ceases to remind me, wool keeps you warm even when it's wet.,

    Layering is key when you're running in cold weather; you may want to strip a few pieces off as you warm up. This Smartwool top is super warm, not too bulky, and really comfortable to run in. I wear it on its own in 45- to 55-degree weather, and layer it with a long-sleeved shirt and/or various and sundry layers in colder weather. (It's also excellent for hiking, camping, and pretty much any outdoor activity.)

    Get it from Smartwool in men's or women's sizes for $95 (available in multiple colors, in men's sizes S–XXL and women's sizes XS–XL).

    3. Fleece-lined leggings to keep your joints warm.

    I have fairly healthy knees, but when the weather gets below 40 degrees, running can make them ache something fierce. I find that wearing warm, fleecy pants mitigates the pain somewhat.

    I wear a lot of Sugoi gear in cold weather because it's mostly a biking brand, which means it's built for withstanding the wind. I have an older version of these fleece-lined Sugoi leggings. They're my favorites because they're cozy on the inside, wind-resistant on the outside.

    Get them from LL Bean for $80 (available in sizes XS–XXL).

    4. Ear warmers you can double up on.

    Jessie Gaynor,,

    I was one of those kids who always had an ear infection, and to this day my ears are super sensitive to the cold. In really cold weather, I layer a mid-weight Sugoi headband under a Carhartt watch cap. The headband is nice and snug so no wind can sneak in there, and the cap swaddles the top of my head — there's no escape, heat!

    Get the headband from Amazon for $10+ (available in three colors) and the watch cap from Amazon $9.99+ (available in 25 colors).

    5. A down vest to warm you to the ~core~.,

    Piling on layer after layer sometimes makes my arms feel uncomfortably sausage-y (and makes them difficult to bend), so a down vest is a good way to add warmth without limiting mobility.

    Truth be told, the one I wear is from J. Crew circa 2003, but I've heard rave reviews about Uniqlo's Ultra Light collection. It's also folds up very small, which is perfect for taking your show on the road.

    Get it from Uniqlo in men's or women's sizes for $49.90 (available in 12 colors, in sizes XXS–XXL).

    6. A thermal gaiter, because you should protect your neck, not neglect your neck.

    Jessie Gaynor

    This Sugoi gaiter is also very helpful for lower-face warming. It's moisture-wicking, so you can wear it over your mouth for a reasonably long time before your gross hot breath gets it all wet.

    Running is the best, guys!

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    7. Wool socks, which will protect your feet even if you step in a slush puddle (remember what my mom always says???).,

    I really like the Smartwool mid crew socks because they give me a little more ankle coverage. The specifically-for-running ones are pricey, but I often wear the hiking socks for running, and they're on sale right now. I don't play by your rules, society.

    Get the Smartwool mid crew running socks in women's or men's sizes from Amazon for $20.95+ (available in three colors, women's sizes S–L and men's sizes M–XL). Get the hiking socks from Moosejaw for $10.99+ (available in sizes S–L).

    8. Convertible windproof gloves, to protect your hands all the way from "brisk" to "subzero."

    These Craft gloves have a handy flip-up windproof and waterproof mitten, which has kept my hands warm to the point of sweating in 20-degree weather. Like Sugoi, Craft makes a lot of biking gear that stands up well to the wind.

    Get them from Amazon for $8.42+ (available in seven colors, in sizes XXS–XXL).

    9. A pair of safety lights to keep you visible if you plan to run after sundown.

    I prefer to run after work, and in the winter that means running in the dark. These clip-on LED lights are super light and easy to stick anywhere. They also have a handy strobe setting for additional visibility. Be safe out there!

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in four colors).

    10. Hand-warming packs, in case you anticipate pre-running downtime.

    These HotHands hand warmers are incredible if you're running a winter race and you need to keep warm while you're waiting to actually run. Just stash some in your pocket, open them to activate the heat, and clutch them in your (finally) hot little hands.

    Get them from Amazon for $6.24 for a 10-pack or $24.28 for an 80-pack. Get a 72-pack from Jet for $24.54.

    11. A weatherproof jacket that will serve as your (and your phone's) first line of defense against the elements.

    I have a lighter version of this jacket, and it's great. If you live in a warmer climate, you can get by without a windproof jacket, but if you expect to regularly run in sub-30-degree weather, I highly recommend a topper that will shield you from the bluster.

    The phone pocket in this jacket is an especially welcome feature because, as I learned the hard way on one very cold and dark run, the cold really zaps your battery.

    Get it from Brooks for $150 (available in purple and black, in sizes XS–XXL).

    Take that, winter!

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