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    I Spent Over $100 On Episodes Of "The Bachelor" And I Have No Regrets

    I love love.

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    It started with Kaitlyn's season.

    It's been over a year since I purchased my first Bachelor franchise episode$1.99 for 90 minutes of pure, escapist bliss? What a bargain! — and since then, I've spent over $100 on episodes.

    I know, I know; confessing that The Bachelor is your guilty pleasure is old hat. There's a book whose title is literally Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure (I have only read an excerpt, which I thoroughly enjoyed).

    But for me, it's like the television equivalent of a glass of warm milk. Or a joint and a massage. Or (insert your comfort food of choice here).

    Whether it's the unabashed sappiness, the unrelenting predictability, the schadenfreude that comes from witnessing 20-odd hot people getting dumped, or some combination thereof, The Bachelor is the best anxiety relief $1.99 can buy.

    And because I purchased them, they're in my Amazon Video library forever. So any time I need a little refresher on, say, Ashley Herbert's Journey to Love — it's right there waiting for me.

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