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    This Lip Gloss Fidget Spinner Legit Changes The Game

    Glamspin for the win!

    Fidget spinners are basically currency at this point.

    "you should melt one of your gold medals into a fidget spinner"

    This is the future that teens want!

    But they've been kind of a one-trick pony...

    Fox / Via

    (Granted, it's a pretty good trick...)

    That is, until now! Meet the Glamspin, the fidget spinner with three fruity flavors of lip gloss built right in 🙏 🙏 🙏! / Via

    Peach Whirl, Strawberry Cyclone, and Grape Twist!

    Personally, my favorite is Peach Whirl, because it smells like a cobbler for your face, but if you prefer Grape Twist or Strawberry Cyclone better, COME AT ME. JK I truly welcome dissent, which is the cornerstone of our lip gloss-ocracy. Plus, Grape Twist smells like an icy purple SnoCone on a hot day, and Strawberry Cyclone smells like a sherbet smoothie.

    Luckily, you don't have to choose just one!

    The glosses are all gluten-and-cruelty-free. / Via

    No living creatures were harmed in the spinning of this glam!

    I’m sure you’re wondering, as would any thoughtful consumer, Sounds great, but how can I be sure this so-called Glamspin even spins?

    Fox / Via

    To which I would respond, What’s with the “so-called”? Are you calling me a liar? To which you, the thoughtful consumer, would naturally respond, I don’t even know you, lady! I just want to make sure this thing spins!

    And then I would show you this gif... / Via

    ...and rest my case.

    Get the Glamspin, the whirliest, twirliest, lip-glossiest fidget spinner around, for $9.99, from BuzzFeed Product Labs and Taste Beauty.

    (PSST: BuzzFeed makes money if you buy this crazy thing!)