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    Everything You Need To Know About Mosquito Repellants

    Mosquitos are a scourge and they should all die — feel free to @ me.

    Without a doubt, mosquitos are my least favorite thing about summer.

    1. First up: DEET, which could be your greatest ally in the fight against mosquitos.

    2. But DEET isn't the only game in town: Picaridin is also a highly effective ingredient in repellants.

    3. If you want an effective all-natural repellant, look for one with oil of lemon eucalyptus.

    4. And rounding out the "actually effective bug repellant ingredients" is the snappily named IR3535!

    5. Moving on to ~fashun~: light, loose-fitting clothing that covers your arms and legs is the height of mosquito-protection style.

    6. Or turn your clothing into bug-repelling armor with permethrin.

    7. If you have a kiddo under 2 months old, keep them protected with a mosquito net.

    8. Mosquitos — persistent little jerks that they are — are no match for a simple fan.

    9. Standing water is basically Tinder for mosquitos — a nonstop breeding ground — so go ahead and kill the mood with some Mosquito Bits.

    10. If you have outdoor lights, consider replacing the bulbs with yellow bug light bulbs, which attract fewer insects.

    11. While plenty of people swear by Thermacell, a little wand that claims to provide a 15-foot "mosquito protection zone," the (scientific) jury's still out.

    Now for what doesn't work:

    12. Vitamin B supplements won't make you less attractive to mosquitos.

    13. Citronella is a scammer.

    Keep fighting the good fight, everyone.

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