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    21 Pieces Of Furniture That Are On Sale Right Now On Jet

    The homebody count is high.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    I kept all my clothes folded on an armchair for the first year I lived in New York, until I brought a boy home and he told me it make me look like a serial killer.

    But guess what! You don't have to live like I did! Right now, Jet is having a sale on all its furniture and home goods.

    Here's the deal(s):

    * $10 off orders $50-$99 with promo code HOME10

    * $25 off orders $100-$199 with promo code HOME25

    * $50 off orders $200+ with promo code HOME50

    Promo codes good through July 9.

    1. A shapely armchair that feels like part of the set from a Sean Connery Bond movie.

    2. A cozy shag rug that will inspire you to become a barefoot household.

    3. A patio fire pit that will up your s'mores intake by approximately 400%.

    4. A mirrored cabinet that somehow seamlessly combines farmhouse and disco.

    5. A mixed-media bookshelf that's elegantly industrial.

    6. A mid-century side table that even design snobs will covet.

    7. A sleek armchair that's also a totally respectable Eames dupe.

    8. A space-saving shelving unit that will make your toilet feel less lonely.

    9. A farmhouse-style table that could convince you to throw a dinner party.

    10. A reclining Adirondack chair, so you never have to choose between communing with nature and taking a nap.

    11. A steel-topped kitchen island that could be the solution your counter space deficit.

    12. A spacious metal media tower that's dying to hold your succulents as well as your books.

    13. A foam mattress topper that will make you want to renew your vows with your bed.

    14. A simple floor lamp that bends to offer you its light, like it's auditioning for a role in The Giving Tree 2: This Time, It's a Lamp.

    15. A geometric area rug that will make you look like you traveled the world in search of interesting rugs.

    16. A sofa for anyone who would drape themselves in velvet if it were socially acceptable (h/t George Costanza).

    17. A vintage-inspired table lamp with a subtly luxurious marble base.

    18. A gilded accent table with a serious Dynasty vibe.

    19. A sleek futon that may put you at risk for indefinite houseguests.

    20. An indoor/outdoor hammock that will fulfill all your Swiss Family Robinson fantasies.

    21. A glass-sided coffee table with an ingenious design for showing off your books.

    Happy nesting!