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    25 Photos That Show Why Brisbane Is The Most Boring City On Earth

    Beautiful one day, perfect the next? I'll be the judge of that.

    1. The weather is just terrible all year round.

    2. And the environment could really try harder.

    3. The amount of greenery in the city is just unnecessary.

    4. Not to forget these abominations making a mess on every street.

    5. The little critters are okay, I guess.

    6. The Brisbane River never does anything exciting.

    7. And the Story Bridge is SUCH an eyesore.

    8. You can barely ever get a good sunset.

    9. There are all these laneways that make you lose track of time.

    10. Beaches everywhere you turn? Yuck.

    11. And heaps of islands just off the coast? Absurd.

    12. Stradbroke Island really just threw in the towel.

    13. And Moreton Island is just, blegh. No words.

    14. Don't get me started on the mountains.

    15. Oh, look. This one is even worse.

    16. The Mount-Cootha Lookout is basically a non-event.

    17. And while you're there, the Botanic Garden's aren't much chop either.

    18. GOMA is never interesting, not even a little bit.

    19. There are all these annoying scooters hanging around the city just begging you to hop on and explore.

    20. We have less traffic than Sydney and Melbourne, just another thing they beat us at.

    21. The food scene could really be better.

    22. Like, try and be creative, guys.

    23. Our brunch scene is a little TOO aesthetically-pleasing.

    24. Plus, specialty coffee sold at almost every cafe? Give me a break.

    25. And the city totally doesn't come alive at night.