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    21 Things Every Gym Girl Will LOL At

    "Too many" black yoga pants? Surely you jest.

    1. Having endless drawers full of Nike (that you got at T.J.Maxx, of course).

    2. Those days you're just NOT feeling your workout:

    3. Trying to keep your hair tamed for the treadmill.

    4. Making the sacrifice, just as other women have sacrificed before you.

    5. Not that it helps with this built-in form of resistance training.

    6. When bros think you must have come to the gym to get hit on.

    7. The agony. Ohhhhhh, the agony.

    8. Having the bedtimes of a grandmother.

    9. Trying to eat more veggies, but your office ordered pizza.

    10. Owning a sneaker collection that's starting to get a little out of control.

    11. And having everything to wear to work out, and nothing to wear to work.

    12. Your hair halfway through your workout:

    13. Trying really hard to empty your mind during Savasana.

    14. When you have to deal with this:

    15. When you're downing margaritas on your girls' trip but still thinking about your squat gains.

    16. The shampooing struggle.

    17. Enduring the symphony of grunts at the gym.

    18. Dealing with this too-tight running shoe problem.

    19. Feeling a little overly sweaty on the elliptical.

    20. When your workout's over and you can't wait to CHOW DOWN ON EVERYTHING.

    21. And finally, knowing through and through why you even hit the gym in the first place.