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Teens Played With '90s Toys And It'll Make You Nostalgic AF

Do you feel old yet?

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Remember Socker Boppers? Gak? Skip-It? Toss And Catch? How about Moon Shoes? If not, get ready to take a trip down memory lane, honey. The inner-child is brought out in all of these teens as they get to play around with some of the best '90s toys.

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They seemed to forget how us '90s babies used to entertain ourselves. Missing the glory days before iPhones, tablets, and Apple watches came out. I mean it was 20 years ago, so it’s normal to forget.

Ehh, late '80s but, we’re getting close…

How about Workout Barbies?

Yaaasss hunty, that was definitely a '90s thing.

Then, we introduced our first toy, Socker Boppers. The excitement went from 0-100 real quick. Let's just stay safe...we're all adults now.

Our next item was Gak (yummy), which reminded some of us of…other things. Hopefully, his parents don’t watch this.

But, wait, there's still some immaturity in all of us so don't lose hope yet!

Skip-It has always been a struggle to use. But, I guess as you get older, the struggle gets worse.

...The struggle

...Is just

...Too real.

And some of them weren't really feeling it...

*Slowly raises hand remembering that one time*

Who knew though, that Toss And Catch would cause innovative thinking.

And after struggling with putting on Moon Shoes, some of them were having loads of fun...

While others...were plain struggling.

It's OK girl, I'm right there with you.

Overall, they had a ton of fun going down memory lane, and realized that Generation Z will never be able to experience the fun '90s babies did.

Cheers to the best days of our lives.

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