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These Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Are So Satisfying

Squeaky clean!

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Cleaning your bathroom is literally the WORST. We're all guilty of turning a cheek to water stains and the clumps of hair that have clogged the drain. BUT NO MORE! Here's a few easy bathroom cleaning hacks that'll change your life.

Here's a video showing you all the hacks:

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1. Does your shower head look like this? Absolutely DISGUSTING and spotty? Try the solution below!


About 2 cups distilled white vinegar

Plastic sandwich bag

Rubber band


1. Fill plastic sandwich bag halfway with vinegar.

2. Place filled plastic bag around showerhead and affix with rubber band.

3. Allow shower head to soak for four hours or overnight.

4. Remove plastic bag and wipe clean.


2. Are the hard-to-clean nooks of your toilet bowl driving you nuts? Reach those tough spots with this screwdriver hack!



Cleaning liquid

Paper towel


1. Spray/soak paper towel in cleaning liquid.

2. Wrap damp paper towel around screwdriver.

3. Use this tool to help get into small nooks and crannies for a super deep clean!

3. Is your mirror dirty, too? Clearing up those spots is so easy; just brew a cup of tea and rub with a newspaper!


Black tea


Spray bottle


1. Brew black tea and let cool.

2. Place tea in a spray bottle.

3. Spray solution on mirror and use newspaper to wipe up for a streak-free shine.

4. Is your sink cluttered with all your getting-ready essentials? Try a DIY magnetic strip to hold all the goods!


Magnetic tape



1. Cut magnetic tape to desired length.

2. Peel off protective backing and affix.

3. Place all metal items along the tape.

4. Any non-metal items can be affixed with extra magnetic tape.