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10 Reasons Why You Should Celebate Your Galpals And Galentine's!

"It's only the best day of the year!"

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1. Your galpals are ALWAYS there for you, and we mean, ALWAYS.

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Your girls have always got your back -- even there when you need a quick trip to the loo. #"Why do girls always go to the toilet together?"

2. You have ALOT of common interests.

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Your friends are your friends because you share similar interests -- you share the same taste in music, you dress quite similar and if you hate someone, so does she, no questions asked. And vice versa of course!

3. It's that one relationship that always has a way of resolving itself, no matter what.

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Girl 1: "You're so annoying, you keep borrowing all my nice clothes!"

Girl 2: "Fine! Have them back!"

Girl 1: "Fine!"

*5 minutes later*

Girl 1: "Shall we go get our nails done?"

4. Speaking of relationships, they are always there to pick up the piece when a romantic relationship ends.

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They've seen you really ugly cry and blow snot all over the place. They've also helped you demolish an entire pint of ice cream.

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