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32 Things Guys Do That Makes A Girl's Heart Race Faster

Take notes, boys...

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심쿵 (shim-koong) is a Korean slang term used to describe that your heart is racing really fast. It takes the first word of 심장 (shim-jang; heart) and 쿵쾅쿵쾅 (koong-kuang-koong-kuang; beating sound the heart makes) to form 심쿵. This word is widely used amongst many millennials to express their heart has been "attacked" by someone's good looks, manners, and/or actions.

Whether you're single af or in a relationship, give these points a try this Valentine's Day! You'll be sure to win her heart.

14. When you try to cook her food...


There's no need to worry about cooking that perfect meal. We just want to see your attempt. You'll win us over no matter how it tastes. Major brownie points if it tastes good, though!

15. When you give her your jacket...


For all you single af fellas out there, give this "move" a try! You'll be sure to make her heart tingle. It'll make us think twice about you and see you in a different light. Note: Do it without asking. It's that much more charming.

21. When you hold the door open for her...


It's good to know that chivalry is NOT dead. We have hands and are capable of opening the door BUT that doesn't mean we don't like feeling like a princess from time to time.

24. When you put your arm around her...


It shows that you care. To feel the warmth of your body next to ours is an amazing feeling. Note: Don't forget to cover her eyes if you're watching a scary movie. It's so damn hot when you do.

26. When you lift something heavy for her...

When we are struggling and you come over to pick up a heavy object with ease, we can't help but be attracted to your strength. It isn't all about the size of your muscles, it's your strength that we find dreamy.

32. Lastly, when you tell her you love her...


Every girl wants to feel loved. If you are in a relationship, tell her how you feel and use these tips on that lucky someone.

And, can't forget about all the single af folks. Though everything on this list doesn't pertain to you, give some of these a shot! Who knows, with a little help, you might not be single for long.

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