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13 Times Jessica Jones Inspired Us To Kick Some Ass

There are hundreds of ways to kick ass. Jessica Jones knows them all. Watch Jessica kick even more ass in Season 2, streaming March 8 on International Women's Day, only on Netflix.

1. When she showed us that sometimes all you need to kick ass is a thousand-yard stare.

2. When she practiced her shot-put throw on this douchebag who was trying to mug someone.

3. When she kicked a little ass in the bedroom, not just in the streets.

4. When she showed that having superpowers doesn't mean you can't also have a sense of humor.

5. When her undercover disguise kicked ass so she didn't have to.

6. When she aced this strength test so business bro would leave her friend alone.

7. When she proved her kick-ass detective skills by delivering results.

8. And when she taught this dumbass that it's not a good idea to step to her, even with a cattle prod.

9. When she realized there's more to life than ass-kicking.

10. When she demonstrated that being badass means having badass friends...

11. ...being fiercely protective of them...

12. ...and being ready to defend them against anyone and everyone.

13. And when she told us that the way to truly kick ass is to never stop fighting.

All images courtesy of Netflix.

Where there are asses to be kicked, that's where you'll find Jessica Jones. Stream Season 2 on International Women's Day, March 8, only on Netflix!

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