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    39 Parenting Products That'll Make Your Life Easier

    They say you should choose your battle with kids, but when you have these products on hand, many of those battles will just ~disappear~.

    1. A pack of stick-on placemats so you can stop worrying about your kid eating directly off the ~dirty~ restaurant table. Added bonus, you can just peel it off at the end of dinner and clean up becomes a breeze.

    2. A game-changing FridaBaby medicine dispenser syringe to put an end to the struggle of trying to force medicine into your baby.

    3. A car vent dip clip so you don't have to worry about your kids fumbling around or spilling while trying to dip their fries or nuggets.

    4. A two-pack of stroller hooks with foam handles because contrary to how it may seem, parents *don't* actually have extra hands to help carry alllll the stuff that little kiddos require.

    5. A viral TikTok toothbrush holder and dispenser so you can finally grant your kids the independence they have been begging for, without worrying about the *disaster* they will make in the bathroom. Say goodbye to dealing with globs of toothpaste on the counter and soggy toothbrushes thrown about, because now everything fits perfectly into its own place.

    6. An Oxo Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser to easily (and one-handedly) grab a single wipe while your other hand is trying to keep your baby from squirming off the table.

    reviewer's dispenser in gray

    7. A leave-in conditioning spray that will finally detangle your kid's hair without damaging their luscious curls. We know it can be a battle just to have your kid let you brush their hair, so this will help you make the experience less miserable for them (and let's be honest, for you, too).

    Reviewer's showing their child's curly hair before using the spray and after showing glossy curls with the spray

    8. And a detangling brush to get through any of those extra stubborn tangles *without* pulling your little one's hair.

    9. A pack of sink extenders so you can stop breaking you back trying to lift those not-so-little kids up to wash their hands every time they go to the bathroom. Add hand washing to the list of things you don't have to get screamed at to help with anymore ✅.

    10. And a pack of ingenious light switch extenders with an easy-to-grab moon-shaped handle so your little ones can control their own lights. What makes these even better? They glow in the dark!

    11. A bath toy organizer to declutter your bathtub while also actually drying the toys so they don't get left marinating in the used bath water and end up moldy.

    Promising reviews: "Love this mesh bath toy cubby. I love the size and how much it holds and the suction cups are really strong. So much better than having to take the toys out the bath tub and put in toy box then going back and forth. Love the mesh so it dries the toys." —Dionca

    "I have never written a review before, but this product is freaking awesome. I have tried many different options for bathtub toys and most of them have failed miserably. So honestly I wasn't expecting much. Especially for the price. But I read other reviews and decided to give it a try! It works! It holds up well with toys and shampoo bottles. It's holding strong. Definitely recommend." —Michael Christofferson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in three sizes and pre-stocked with toys or by itself).

    12. The Ollie Swaddle made of moisture-wicking fabric to prevent your little one from overheating and waking up after you finally got them all wrapped up snug and cozy. Worried about having to unswaddle for every diaper change? Don't! They thought it alllll through and have added an easy opening on the bottom for quick diaper access.

    A baby wrapped in the light grey swaddle

    13. A Whiskware pancake batter mixer with a BlenderBall wire whisk to mix up perfectly smooth pancakes — without dirtying a mixing bowl, a whisk, spoons, and tbh probably all of your countertops. Just add your ingredients to this little contraption, shake to mix, and pour perfect pancakes from the spout.

    14. A jar of The Pink Stuff, a ~magical~ all-purpose cleaning paste, so you can effortlessly clean off your child's latest artwork that somehow made its way onto the walls instead of their paper.

    15. A set of magnetic locks so you can keep your kiddos out of your cabinets without having to put hideous locks on the outside or worry about drilling holes and causing damage.

    16. A sight word Bingo game to keep your little one entertained in an educational way. Next thing you know they're going to be begging you to play another round.

    A reviewer's child on their bed with the game set up with bingo cards, red chips to mark the words, and a large word list

    17. A pack of motion-activated toilet night lights great for kids or adults who have to go to the bathroom but don't want to turn on the lights and risk losing all their sleepiness. And since it's motion-activated, you don't have to worry about anyone tripping on anything while trying to find the switch.

    18. And a pack of disposable toilet seat covers to keep on hand whenever you're out and know you'll be visiting at least one public bathroom. Now you don't have to stand there quivering while you watch your little nugget put their hands all over a ~nasty~ toilet seat.

    Reviewer's showing the red, blue, and yellow seat cover on a toilet

    19. An ingenious portable vibrating pad you can stick in their crib, bassinet, carseat, or stroller to gently soothe your baby off to sleepy land with tender vibrations.

    20. A fizzy toilet-cleaning bomb designed to make cleaning even the grossest toilets a little more manageable. Just drop one of these in the bowl and watch the fizzing action dissolve all the grime and buildup. Bonus, your kiddo may think this is a fun science experiment and ask to do it next time.

    A bag and pile of soap bombs

    21. As seen on Shark Tank, a nifty car seat buckle release tool so your older kid can gain a little more independence in getting themselves out of the car while you're desperately trying to wrangle the younger one.

    22. A bug bite suction tool, invented by a mom, that removes the irritant from the bug bite to reduce itching and swelling. If you don't find yourself needing this, consider yourself lucky and buy it for one of your friends who is just so sweet, all the bugs swarm to them. Plus it's so easy, even your kiddos can do it!

    A BuzzFeed editor's arm with a bite on it, the editor holding the suction tool and an after of the swelling reduced on the editor's arm.

    23. A sandwich cutter and sealer so you can have the convenience of Uncrustables without having to break the bank when your kid decides that is the only food they're going to eat for the foreseeable future.

    24. And an apple corer and cutter to make slices perfect for kids to snack on so they don't have to gnaw through the apple. Plus this saves you a lot of time, cutting into 16 even slices in the amount of time it would take you to cut two pieces with a regular knife.

    A reviewer's apple being sliced into 16 even slices with the cutter

    25. And! A grape cutter that will save you from having to chase all the random grapes that fly off the cutting board when you are just trying to cut them small enough for your kid to safely eat.

    Plus it can be used for much more than grapes — olives, tomatoes, or any other small, roundish food.

    Promising review: "We bought this little gadget with low expectations and fully anticipated using it two times before throwing it in our kitchen drawer where it would inevitably sit for a year before we threw it away. Boy were we wrong. It only took one use before we realized that what we thought would be another useless novelty, was actually a parent's HOLY GRAIL of food preparation. No joke, I literally used it the other day to cut THREE grapes for MYSELF, just for the enjoyment. If your little one enjoys eating grapes, do yourself the unimaginable pleasure of buying wont regret it." —Michael

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95.

    26. A machine-washable coloring tablecloth to keep the kiddos who can't sit still during mealtime occupied.

    27. A waterproof potty-training watch with the sole purpose of reminding your little nugget that it is time to go to the potty. Simply set the watch to the frequency you need and watch your kid get incredibly excited every time the alarm goes off. Buh-bye accidents!

    28. An alarm clock that gradually mimics the sunrise because no kid out there wants to be woken up from their peaceful slumber to a shocking *BEEP* at full volume out of nowhere!

    Reviewer's lit up alarm clock on a nightstand

    29. A car baby monitor so you can stop fiddling with mirrors or wrenching your neck to see your baby in their car seat while you're at every stoplight.

    Reviewer's child on the screen on their dash board

    30. A Baby Shusher designed to take over the job of repeatedly shushing your baby for what feels like *hours* every night at 2 a.m. when all you can dream of is being back in bed.