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Proof That Barney Stinson Is Actually A Digital Marketer

As an avid How I Met Your Mother fan AND marketer, I couldn't help but appreciate the brilliant ideas behind Barney's success with the ladies. His ideas were way more than just having mojo - oh no. Something about his strategies just felt ... familiar? Think about it:

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But he actually has his SEO game on point

In one of the episodes, Barney chooses to use a very unique name, Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, to ensure his fake landing pages would rank first, making the girls believe whatever was on them.

Strategically using your knowledge of search engine's algorithm in order to rank higher to achieve results?

Ha. Reading Moz Blog much?

His tactics are carefully strategized and A/B tested

On the episode "The Best Man", Barney announces to the gang that he does "market research" on his plays in "smaller markets like Cleveland" in order to figure out which ones will work in New York, and is seen "field testing" plays like the "Escaped Manslaughterer" and the "Patient Zero".

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