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    You Shouldn't Buy These 31 Useful Amazon Products If You Love Making Your Life Difficult

    It's time to make your life easy.

    1. These strainer spoons are genius for draining pasta and veg with minimum fuss.

    2. You can use this plant-based dust mite stopper on mattresses, pillows, and upholstery. One application lasts for up to six months!

    3. If you're dreading not being able to dry your clothes outside over the coming months, then this indoor retractable washing line is the perfect alternative.

    4. Never know where to put your utensils mid-stir? This spoon rest will come in handier than you realise.

    5. And when it comes to storing your kitchenware, there's this rotating utensil hook to keep your most-used items neat.

    6. Your DIY mani just got easier thanks to this wearable nail polish bottle holder.

    7. Hate cleaning hard-to-reach areas? This window slot cleaner has got your back.

    8. Get every last drop from your fave sauces, spreads, and condiments thanks to this clever jar scraper. Amazon customers found it so useful that they awarded it a 4.8-star average rating!

    9. Speaking of making the most of your products, this tube squeezer key works to get the dregs out of toothpaste and beauty tubes.

    10. These handy tumble dryer balls claim to help speed up the drying process and soften clothes naturally.

    11. Love clever kitchen gadgets? This cheese grater and zester has a container underneath and handles for ease of use.

    12. If you're preparing to do that seasonal wardrobe switch-over then these highly-rated clothes storage bags will come in super handy.

    13. This clip-on cup holder can be used in all manner of places.

    14. Retrieve your breakfast with ease thanks to these duck toast tongs!

    15. Just discovered your knitwear is full of bobbles? This battery-operated cordless de-bobbler helps to remove lint from your fave clothes.

    16. And to keep your shoes protected now that the weather's taken a turn, there's this 'rain and stain' shoe protector.

    17. Hate the effort required to clean the bathroom? This OXO Good Grips extendable tile scrubber is here to make your life easier.

    18. This viral Scrub Daddy damp duster has grooves that help to cling onto pesky dust particles.

    19. If you loathe that 'needs a freshen up' dishwasher smell (if you know, you know!) then this ocean-scented freshener will help you to eliminate odours with ease.

    20. Make sorting recycling in the bathroom a doddle with this split Joseph Joseph bin. It has separate compartments for recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

    21. And speaking of useful bathroom buys, this swivel hand towel rail makes grabbing the essentials easier.

    22. This gorgeous-smelling Zoflora disinfectant spray can be used on both hard and soft surfaces.

    23. If you never manage to finish a cuppa before it's gone cold, then this mug warmer provides continuous heating for your hot drink.

    24. These self-closing toothpaste caps help to keep buildup and mess at bay.

    25. If you're a parent, you might have seen suction toys like these handy ones going viral on TikTok. They spin and can be stuck to surfaces including windows and countertops, making them ideal for taking away with you.

    26. This handy rubber broom and hand brush set can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's ideal for sweeping pet hairs from carpets and sofas, and even boasts a built-in squeegee!

    27. If you're tight on space, then this Joseph Joseph five-in-one cooking tool acts as a slotted spoon, turner, cutting tool, solid spoon and a spatula!

    28. These magnetic cable clips come in handy for tons of things including acting as a cable tidy, earphone holder, bookmark, keychain, fridge magnet, whiteboard marker holder, and more!

    29. Simply spray this Method Daily Shower Cleaner on after your morning shower, and let it get to work. No scrubbing is required!

    30. If you're sick of pots and pans falling all over the place in your cupboard, then this purpose-built organiser could be game-changing.

    31. Simply press your sponge down on this washing-up liquid dispenser and you're good to go!