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    33 Amazon Products Under £10 To Snap Up If You're Too Old Not To Pay For Convenience

    Because who doesn't want an easy life?

    1. If you own an air fryer, then this two-pack of reusable liners help to protect the basket and stop food from sticking. They also have a huge 4.9-star average Amazon rating, FYI.

    2. And if you're tight on wardrobe space, then these trouser hangers that hold multiple pairs on one hanger are genius!

    3. This cheap-yet-useful car demister pad claims to help effectively clear windows of condensation and mist.

    4. Finding the space to dry clothes inside can be difficult, so why not snap up this four-tier radiator airer to give you a little more room?

    5. And for your socks, there's this folding dryer that has clips to keep smaller items in place.

    6. For impressive-looking coffees with minimal effort, there's this handheld electric milk frother.

    7. I swear by this reusable Scrub Daddy damp duster for getting rid of hard-to-shift dust.

    8. Never sure which chopping board you've used for what? These colour-coded ones are a total steal!

    9. I can't believe how easy to install this no-drill shower shelf looks!

    10. If you need a new mop, then this handy yet budget-friendly Addis one boasts cotton strands to get into hard-to-reach areas, and claims to be highly absorbent. It also boasts a high average Amazon rating.

    11. This collapsible silicone colander can be squished down when it needs to be stored, saving you valuable space.

    12. This set of two rotating utensil hooks make grabbing your most-used kitchenware super easy!

    13. And there's plenty of ways to hang this under-cabinet kitchen roll holder.

    14. This neck and shoulder hot water bottle is a bargain you'll probably reach for time and again.

    15. If you want to at least look like you know what you're doing in the kitchen, then did you know that these egg poaching bags exist?

    16. Now that the rain has started, this rubber drip-tray that holds up to three pairs of shoes will come in handy.

    17. This wearable nail polish bottle holder might just make a DIY mani easier. It'd make a useful gift too!

    18. Or if a gel mani is more your thing, then this popular mini LED nail lamp will set you back less than £9.

    19. Boasting a 4.5-star average Amazon rating and an affordable price tag, this clever peeler not only peels your veg but also has a potato eye and veg small hole remover!

    20. This Spunj ultra-thirsty sponge holds up to seven times its own weight in water, making it ideal for mopping up spills.

    21. These under-rim toilet cleaning brushes will help you reach those difficult-to-clean parts. They can also be used in grooves in doors and tons of other places!

    22. How handy are these drain snakes that help to unclog your sink?

    23. This flameless rechargeable lighter might just be a wise investment now that candle season is here.

    24. This pack of two cooker hood filters can be cut to size and help to collect grease and prevent odours.

    25. This set of personalised wheelie bin stickers will help you pick your bins out from the crowd.

    26. Simply spray this Method daily shower cleaner on and leave it to get to work!

    27. These Scrub Daddy scouring pads help to remove burnt-on food and claim not to scratch your surfaces.

    28. I love that this clear shower squeegee looks aesthetically pleasing and is super useful.

    29. Keep suede items looking fresh by nabbing this specially-created brush that claims to help restore its original appearance.

    30. Store your broom or mop with ease thanks to this Command gripper.

    31. These heel protectors claim to have an extra soft cushion and can be worn with everyday footwear including your new winter boots!

    32. If you're a pet owner and your carpet could do with a little pick-me-up, then Amazon customers rate this carpet freshener.

    33. This outdoor padlock claims to be weather proof and can be used on your gate, toolbox, garage, shed, and more!