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    These 42 Useful Products Will Help You Sort Your Life Out Before 2023 – It’s The Least I Can Do

    They're all under £20 too.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Give your tea and coffee cups some TLC in the form of this Astonish 'clean and revive' product that requires no scrubbing.

    2. Sort your floordrobe thanks to this set of five 'magic' space-saving hangers.

    3. If your drawers are a mess, then you might just need this set of two collapsible drawer organisers.

    4. And for your bathroom, there's this highly-rated two-tier hanging shower caddy.

    5. If you're never without a coffee, then this pod holder that's compatible with Lavazza pods will help you organise your kitchen.

    6. Organise your cupboards thanks to these pot and pan lid holders.

    7. How useful does this pack of two rotating utensil hooks look?

    8. If you have a little one, then this bottle-drying rack is a total steal.

    9. Grab this five-in-one Joseph Joseph kitchen utensil that can be used as a cutting tool, turner, spatula, and more.

    10. And if you're slightly lazy when it comes to cooking, then you'll probably love this viral veg chopper and slicer.

    11. This four-pack of fridge liners can be easily cleaned when your appliance needs a little refresh.

    12. At less than £2, this shower drain hair catcher might just save you a whole lotta hassle.

    13. Speaking of drains, this 12-pack of plumbing snakes help to rid your drains of minor clogs.

    14. This four-pack of small cleaning brushes are ideal for window grooves, keyboards, blinds, and more.

    15. If your shoes need a new home, then this over-door organiser contains 24 pockets to store them in!

    16. Get the last drops out of your toothpaste thanks to these tube squeezers.

    17. Update your kitchenware with this set of six mixing bowls that also come with measuring spoons and salad servers.

    18. How handy is this chopping board that has trays to store your chopped ingredients whilst you cook?

    19. This microwave steam cleaner helps to loosen dirt and stains to make your appliance easier to clean. It also comes with a fridge freshener that can be filled with baking soda to get rid of nasty smells.

    20. Speaking of no scrubbing being required, you can grab this easy-to-use Daily Shower spray in a white lily scent.

    21. If you're sick of your boots rubbing, step into 2023 with this anti-blister stick in tow.

    22. Organise your utensils with ease thanks to this folding potato masher that stows away easily.

    23. Easily remove burnt-on food thanks to this Minky hob scraper.

    24. Elbow Grease has invented this stubborn stain-removing bar for your laundry.

    25. Make easy work out of dusting thanks to this pack of three extendable dusters.

    26. This naturally-derived Method anti-bac bathroom cleaner comes in a water mint scent and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

    27. This four-pack of trouser hangers allows you to put multiple pairs on one hanger, saving serious wardrobe space.

    28. Get your loo looking sparkling thanks to these anti-limescale Bloo Power Fizz tabs.

    29. Keep your kitchen roll easy to grab thanks to this under-cabinet kitchen roll holder.

    30. At less than £1 for 500ml, it's a good time to stock up on Elbow Grease's degreasing spray.

    31. If trying to find space for drying laundry has you stumped, then this three-pack of radiator airers are here to help.

    32. Speaking of laundry, this set of three tumble dryer balls claim to shorten drying time.

    33. These handy scrapers can be used to clean up work surfaces or scrape food bowls.

    34. The famous Scrub Daddy sponge is safe to use on over 20 surfaces and changes texture when wet!

    35. If you're forgetful, then you might want to check out these self-adhesive wallets that stick to your phone.

    36. PSA: This clever product turns used cooking oil solid, allowing you to easily dispose of it in the bin afterwards.

    37. This long, flat duster is ideal for getting underneath appliances.

    38. Give every inch of your home a deep clean thanks to this radiator brush.

    39. This moisture-resistant over-tank loo roll holder holds up to two toilet rolls.

    40. Organise your shower thanks to this OXO Good Grips suction razor holder that Amazon customers have awarded a 4.4-star average rating.

    41. I love that this loo brush dispenses the liquid as you clean.

    42. This rather handy jar opener opens stiff lids in multiple sizes!