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    52 Things Under £3 That Might Just Open Your Eyes To Things You Probably Didn’t Need To Spend So Much Time And Effort On

    Because I don't know about you, but I'd take an easier life for under three quid.

    1. These tin can covers keep food fresh without extra hassle.

    2. Keep indoor plants hydrated this winter with these water balls. They release liquid into the plant’s roots over time – genius!

    3. Spend less time trying to find ways to keep your food edible by adding these handy bags to your basket. They help to keep your fave fruit and veggies fresher for longer!

    4. If you spend ages trying to pick your gel mani off (hey, there's no judgement here!) then you might want to stick this set of nail tools in your basket. It includes a scraper and a cuticle pusher for under £3!

    5. If you're getting your GBBO on at home then take the guesswork out of your creations with this super useful metal cake tester.

    6. Save time cleaning the shower with this handy squeegee. It even has a hanging hook for easy storage.

    7. It's the worst when you've done the makeup look to end all makeup looks and then you ruin it with a clumsy false lash application. This rather useful applicator tool helps you to put them on and take them off with minimum fuss!

    8. If you spend too long trying to freshen your loo then this toilet block that switches scents depending on whether the toilet is flushing or dry is genius! During flushing the scent smells of sweet apple, and when not in use you'll get a whiff of juicy peach!

    9. People who are constantly trying to find ways to cool and de-puff their eyes might want to add these bargain cucumber eye pads to their basket. They help to soothe tired eyes for less than £2!

    10. If you have to carry medication with you then this pill box keychain will help to make sure you don't forget it!

    11. TikTok users love silicone lids and I think you should probably do yourself a favour and buy this set of six lid covers that work on bowls, cups, and tins. Kiss goodbye to fighting with the clingfilm!

    12. If you spend too much time looking for somewhere to keep your water bottle when you're going out then this insulated bottle holder with a strap would make an ideal walking or gym buddy!

    13. Keep important items together with ease using these foldback clips. You get ten for just over a pound!

    14. This fast action spot gel containing salicylic acid claims to get to work at clearing spots in just four hours!

    15. Stop searching around for your razor and treat yourself to this storage pot with suction cups. It's under £2, and frankly future you deserves an easy life.

    16. If you've spent serious time trying to perfect French tips or want to do a fancy nail design, then these highly rated nail tip stickers could be worth a try.

    17. Let's face it, we all want to chop onions before the tears start, and this onion holder helps you to grip your food and chop finely without making hands smell!

    18. If you have a pushchair and need to hold extra items then this set of two pram bag clips hang over the stroller handle. They allow you to hook shopping bags or your handbag onto the buggy, saving you space and leaving your hands free to push!

    19. Quit chipping away at ice in your freezer and treat yourself to this freezer liner. It's reusable and stops frost buildup – yay!

    20. Keep your mani time to a minimum with these super highly rated nail clippers.

    21. Cook your veg in just three minutes with these microwave steam bags. They'd be ideal for those days when you're in a rush!

    22. If you like to wear fake tan, then this tanning mist claims to be fast drying, saving you serious time when getting ready.

    23. Kiss goodbye to scrubbing and invest in this super useful sticker remover kit. It takes off gum, stickers, and tape using a scraper tool and an adhesive removing solution.

    24. If you have a cat and you spend ages wondering how to nip nasty smells in the bud, then you might want to check out this antibacterial cat litter freshener. Cat owners have awarded it a high rating and it costs just £1.20!

    25. Forget looking for two different products to give your lips a pop of colour while keeping them moisturised – this tinted multipurpose balm that could also be used on cheeks will do both for you!

    26. If you have blonde hair and have been trying to work out how to brighten it then this mask that contains grapeseed oil boasts a super high rating!

    27. This multipurpose scented antibacterial cleaner has a long lasting fragrance meaning less time spraying that air freshener!

    28. These slow cooker liners not only help to seal in flavour but they also eliminate the need to scrub your cooker excessively after use!

    29. Make unpleasant DIY chores easier with this steel wire scratch brush. It can be used to remove stubborn rust from surfaces and, thanks to its unusual curved shape, it can get into those hard to reach areas too!

    30. This useful tape dispenser should save you serious time once Christmas wrapping season commences!

    31. If you leave the house in a rush then this foldable lint brush is ideal for keeping dust and hairs at bay on the go!

    32. If you need a light that's easy to transport then this portable USB night light is raved about by Amazon customers and costs under £2!

    33. Save shopping hassle and some serious coin by swapping out separate mani products for this 3-in-1 nail base coat, top coat, and hardener.

    34. If you spend too long trying to poach the perfect eggs then this microwave double egg poacher is an "add to basket" situation for sure.

    35. Pretty much no-one likes sorting through washing, but these colour catchers claim to protect your clothes against running colours whilst also giving them a hygienic clean!

    36. These resealable liquid pouches are perfect for storing sauces or soups in the fridge or freezer. You can prepare and store chopped ingredients in advance saving you hassle at mealtimes!

    37. Save time trying to reseal snacks with this pack of sealing clips.

    38. Struggling to shift mould and mildew? This Astonish blaster removes stains and mould without the need for hard scrubbing! Psst...it's only £1 too!

    39. This handy four way buffing block will help to keep nails in tip top shape without searching for multiple items.

    40. Multipurpose products can save a lotta time and effort, and this Duzzit baking soda can be used to clean so many items!

    41. If you're constantly rearranging your wardrobe to save space, then you might want to invest in these anti-slip mini hanger hooks that maximise storage room.

    42. If you love contouring but don't have all the time in the world to perfect your technique, then this matte bronzer is highly pigmented and gives a natural looking glow to the skin.

    43. Tidy away receipts with ease using these pastel A5 sized wallets. You get five for under £2 – bargain!

    44. If you order too many parcels (don't worry I won't tell if you don't!) then you can open them using this safety blade box opener and then quickly hide the evidence – thank me later!

    45. Treat your hair without the need to rinse out even more product with this highly rated leave-in argan oil heat protect spray.

    46. If you loathe sewing then this fast bonding fabric glue could be just the thing you need.

    47. These silicone cooking brushes are dishwasher safe and dry quickly. They don't retain greasy residue after cleaning, eliminating the need for repeat washing after one use.

    48. This gel face wash for sensitive skin claims to cleanse dirt and impurities from your face without the need for tugging. Removing makeup just became way less effort!

    49. Fed up of spending time removing and disguising adhesives? This reusable white tack doesn't show through white paper and claims not to colour stain too. It'd be ideal for putting up decorations or hanging things in your WFH office!

    50. If you're forever trying to refresh suede or nubuck shoes then you'll want to see this handy brush. It restores the appearance of suede and works on boots, shoes, and bags!

    51. Forget battling with your pots and pans to find space to store your colander because this handy one collapses, making it compact and easy to stow away.

    52. These tea towel clips make hanging your kitchen cloths easy and convenient – no more hunting high and low!