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    31 Things Under £10 I Think My Dog Would Ask Me To Buy Her If She Could Speak

    I mean if you don't spend half your money on your pet, do you even have a dog?

    1. Okay, okay, so Waffle didn't actually ask for this cute buddy dog toy, but what can I say, I'm a sucker for those puppy dog eyes!

    2. Now obviously every pawrent thinks their pup is perfect, but let's be honest, sometimes they just need a spritz of this doggy cologne to stay fresh!

    dog cologne

    3. I'm the first to admit I get overexcited about food, but dogs are next level! Slow feeding time down with this fun dog puzzle feeder.

    dog with owners and feeder

    4. Keep pups cool in the summer with this ice bandana! TBH, I kinda wish they had one for humans too.

    dog wearing bandana

    5. Being a dog owner doesn't mean sacrificing your bougie home aesthetic. This cute dog feeding mat will save your floors from an overzealous eater like my pup!

    feeding mat

    6. Whether your pooch has an upcoming birthday or you just fancy some bonding time, your pup is bound to love this dog friendly cake mix. Pawrental supervision is a must!

    dog cake mix

    7. Perfect for little jaws and paws, this cute giraffe toy is a winner for a good game of tug of war IMO. Don't believe me? Just ask the master!

    dog playing tug of war

    8. I like to think Waffle is me in dog form, so I just know she'd be satisfied with some aesthetically pleasing storage. This dog toy storage basket keeps the Pinterest home dream alive.

    dog toy storage

    9. Plan ahead for sunny weather and add this handy dog cooling mat to your basket! Judging by the reviews pups seem to love it.

    dog cooling mat

    10. Waffle is turning one soon and I reckon she'd love this jazzy birthday bone toy. Pawty like it's ya birthday – oh and don't forget the Insta pic to mark the occasion!

    dog with bone toy

    11. This gorgeous little puppy toy is almost as cute as the real thing. Waffle, cover your ears!

    puppy playing with dog toy

    12. Sorry but I challenge you to find anything sweeter than these little doggy bandanas. Best of all, they're just £7.99 for all three! Honestly, what did we do to deserve dogs?

    dog in bandana

    13. If your dog is anything like mine, bath time is the devil's work. Bribing with pooch safe peanut butter is my go-to, so this licky pad that sticks to flat surfaces is ideal. Simply smear with their fave treat and let the licking commence!

    dog with lick mat

    14. I couldn't do this list and not mention Waffle's favourite dog safe peanut butter. Free from xylitol and other not so dog friendly ingredients, Poochnut Butter is always on her shopping woof-list! (see what I did there?)

    dog eating peanut butter

    15. This dog collar with a matching detachable bow tie is gorgeous...I mean LOOK AT IT! Now all I need is the matching dress!

    dog in bow tie

    16. If you're a sucker for anything with your name on like I am, this personalised dog blanket is for you. I mean, why give a dog a name as good as Waffle and not show it off?

    personalised dog towel

    17. Every dog needs a towel and every hooman needs a bargain. These handy microfibre dog towels are super absorbent and what's more, they're just £7.50 for two.

    dog towel

    18. Waffle reckons you can never have too many toys and you know what, I think she's right. This set of five squeaky toys come highly rated from dog parents, and to be fair they're pretty cute too.

    19. Calling all small dog and puppy owners! Waffle loves a cuddle and I just know on colder nights she would adore this snuggle heat cushion – buy it now, thank me later.

    dog heat cushion

    20. Okay, so this isn't the most glamorous thing on the list but hear me out. This poop bag dispenser attaches to your dog's leash so you can wave goodbye to pockets filled with bags! Not sure Waffle cares about this one so much, but it comes with 15 bags so I'm adding to my basket.

    dog bag dispenser

    21. If there's one thing that surprised me about our dog, it's that she loves getting her teeth brushed. You wouldn't think it from her breath TBH, but I just know she would adore these silicone finger toothbrushes.

    dog toothbrush

    22. When I speak to anyone who has a dog, they tell me they wouldn't be without their Kong. As an *ahem* nosy dog, this should keep Waffle busy when filled with her favourite treats!


    23. This fancy light up dog collar not only helps keep your pooch safe in the dark but it also looks kinda bougie, don't you think? It's rechargeable and can be adjusted to fit your furry friend.

    dog in light up collar

    24. I would honestly LIVE in my PJs if I could, so when I saw this doggy dressing gown I felt like it was fate!

    dog in dressing gown

    25. This silicone rubber bathing brush is ideal for pampered pooches who are partial to a little massage. It's a win-win situation really as the handy shampoo dispenser prevents product wastage too.

    dog in bath

    26. This Posh Pooch 'wine' is probably the most extra thing I've seen this year. A completely frivolous treat, it goes without saying the champagne glass is totally optional!

    dog drinking

    27. This baby fresh doggy shampoo is loved by reviewers thanks to its odour fighting action. It's vegan and suitable for all breeds – race you to the checkout!

    dog in bath

    28. This gorgeous pet bed will not only keep your furry friend cosy but it also means you don't have to compromise on aesthetic.

    dog in bed

    29. One for the mucky pups! I love a clever gadget so had to include this portable pet paw washer. The gentle silicone bristles wipe your pup's paws clean with just water.

    dog with paw washer

    30. Your dog can be the most stylish pooch in town thanks to this on trend sage collar. Best of all it's comfortable and non irritating, meaning your mutt will love it as much as you do!

    sage collar

    31. Last but never least, these super pretty pastel chew toys. One word: obsessed.

    dog with chew toy