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    PSA: You Can Nab 45% Off Your First Green Chef Box And 20% Off The Next Three – I Took A Look At What You Can Get

    If it involves food, I'm probably lurking somewhere.

    For the uninitiated, Green Chef is a food delivery service that offers delish recipe boxes containing pre-portioned ingredients. You can choose from five diet types, and there are new recipes every week. What's more, from now until 28.2.22 you can get 45% off your first Green Chef box and 20% off the next three boxes using code GCFEB45. I decided to have a little nosy on their website to see what it's all about!

    🌱 How does it work? 🌱

    🍲 Which diets does Green Chef cater for? 🍲

    🥘 What dishes can I expect? 🥘

    📦 What are the other perks of Green Chef? 📦

    Let me know in the comments which Green Chef meals you go for, and don't forget to use code GCFEB45 to save yourself some serious £££!