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    32 Products Where Expectation Vs Reality Paid Off For Me

    No disappointing deliveries round here thank you.

    1. This hyped up highlighter palette is one of the best cheaper options around IMO. Do yourself a favour and add it to your basket now.

    2. This Heart & Hustle book is by YouTuber Patricia Bright. It's about achieving your dreams, and it's a pretty inspiring read.

    3. I can't say I love cooking but I do love eating, and this handy garlic rocker that comes with a cleaning brush and a silicone peeling tube has proved to be a worthwhile investment for mealtimes.

    4. These eyebrow razor tools can also be used for dermaplaning and they work pretty well for under £3!

    5. My other half really rates these Bluetooth headphones, and by the looks of things, so do Amazon customers!

    6. I love the Garnier organic range, and this lemongrass detox gel wash is a bargain for cleansing your face.

    7. I hate cleaning my makeup brushes but since the StylPro electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer machine entered my life, it's become a lot less of a chore!

    8. This highly rated gratitude journal helps me to stay positive and remember the good things in life. Psst... it'd make a great Christmas gift too!

    9. Thanks to a mixture of cold weather and a love for lipgloss, my lips get super dry in winter. This La Roche Posay product is one of my all time favourite lip balms.

    10. I love the Amazon Echo Dot. At just £21.99 this smart speaker has good sound quality, and you can ask Alexa questions and make hands-free phone calls!

    11. For high quality yet budget friendly makeup brushes, Real Techniques has to be my go-to. This set of flawless base brushes can be used for contouring, buffing, and blending foundation.

    12. This delish Lindt sea salt dark chocolate tastes as good as it sounds, honestly.

    13. Mopping used to be one of my worst chores, now I'd do it all day long (nearly!) thanks to this Vileda 1-2 spray mop. You can spray your floor cleaner as you go, eliminating the need for a messy bucket and wringing.

    14. When I first heard about this biscuit brew tea, I was cautiously optimistic, but I'm pleased to confirm it exceeded my expectations for tasty biscuity-ness. This mammoth pack contains 160 cuppas too!

    15. I'm a big fan of The Ordinary's hard working and no frills products, and this high-adherence silicone primer is no exception.

    16. This Dove hand cream is one of the best budget options IMO. It's non-greasy and ideal for chucking in your handbag!

    17. This photo clip string with 50 LED lights is under a tenner, and it made a great decor piece at an event.

    18. If product buildup regularly does you dirty then this gentle clarifying shampoo will help to rid your hair of that unclean feeling, leaving you with refreshed locks.

    19. This Dr. Beckmann carpet cleaner with a brush head lid has saved my floors more times than I care to remember. At under £3, it surpassed my expectations entirely.

    20. I heard people on Instagram talking about this lip and cheek tint with hyaluronic acid, and let me tell you that if you like a fresh, glowy look then this is for you.

    21. I use this LED desk lamp which is flexible and gives off a decent amount of light without hurting your eyes! It came with high ratings, and I can safely say I have to agree with reviewers!

    22. Old school beauty YouTube fans will remember the hype around the super cheap Collection lasting perfection concealer. It's been one of my failsafe beauty buys for years, and it's still just over £4!

    23. If, like me, you usually have seriously spendy taste in fragrance, then Jenny Glow perfumes are a great budget friendly alternative. This lush pomegranate scent is under £10!

    24. This wireless mouse was a gift for a gaming fan, and it's had rave reviews ever since!

    25. When cleaning fans raved about this Minky antibacterial cleaning pad on social media, I knew I'd want to try it. I wasn't prepared for how much I could like a cloth though.

    26. Watching telly with my essential oil diffuser on is one of my fave ways to unwind after a long day. At just £16.99, it exceeded my expectations for a budget friendly option.

    27. And to go in your diffuser, you might just want to check out this autumnal smelling pumpkin spice oil that I'm obsessing over RN.

    28. My long thick hair wouldn't be without a Wet Brush. This original detangler style also has the hearts of Amazon customers with a whopping 4.8-star average rating!

    29. If you haven't tried this Caramilk golden caramel chocolate that social media users are obsessed with, then you should probably add it to your basket. It's super sweet so a little goes a long way IMO.

    30. This set of super sweet green pumpkins have been all over my house since I bought them. I reckon they're cute enough to stay until the Christmas decor comes out!

    31. I first heard about this bargain lipgloss on Instagram, and for the price it's pretty flipping good.

    32. My cushion obsession shows no signs of stopping so this set of two inner cushion fillers went straight in my basket and now look great on my bed.