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    34 Products That People With Ridiculously High Expectations Will Probably Like

    Because I refuse to lower mine TBH.

    1. If you're in the market for new makeup, then this volumising mascara boasts a high average rating. It's pretty cheap too, FYI.

    2. This handwash is giving me luxe vibes on a budget. It comes in a pack of three, and is jasmine and apple blossom scented.

    3. I must mention this cleansing balm which is raved about by beauty lovers. The mini version would make a great travel companion.

    4. A puppy training book that teaches you how to raise a happy dog? Who wouldn't want that?

    5. I'd go as far as to say this lip balm might just be my favourite one of all time.

    6. These coffee bags (yes, they're a thing!) are inspired by the rich roasts of Northern Italy. They taste of dark chocolate and almond too...yum!

    7. This knife sharpener sharpens hardened and serrated knives and has a suction feature to attach it to flat surfaces.

    8. This ribbed workout set would be gorgeous for the gym or chilling at home.

    9. I've recently discovered this hyaluronic acid moisturiser which is enriched with aloe water and instantly refreshes skin.

    10. Anything functional and beautiful is right up my street. This non-drip oil and vinegar pourer preserves freshness and claims not to make a mess.

    11. A nice smelling fabric softener like this tropical coconut one will transform laundry day!

    12. This gorgeous shacket will be a versatile addition to your A/W transitional wardrobe.

    13. How pretty are these pastel highlighters? They'd be great for a back to school pencil case or for WFH.

    14. This baby and parent cookbook has a whole lotta high ratings. Save yourself from having to make different meals for yourself and your little one by adding it to your basket.

    15. This phone wallet attaches to your device so you can keep your most used items in one place.

    16. I think that this gorgeous cloud mirror would look super sweet on display in a nursery.

    17. I've yet to meet a Zoflora I didn't like, and this one eliminates pet odours and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

    18. This gorgeous jewellery box organiser is the stuff of storage dreams.

    19. I love how this clever nightlight turns off automatically during daylight and turns itself on during darker spells in the evening.

    20. The Flash speedmop has plenty of fans, and this starter kit with twelve absorbing refill pads is just £12!

    21. This plughole unblocker dissolves hair and removes sludge. Goodbye slow draining water!

    22. If you want barista style coffee at home, then this chic coffee machine would be a worthwhile investment.

    23. This super glue gel has a high average rating and would be ideal for weekend DIY projects.

    24. You might recognise this hair tool which has been all over TikTok. The oval brush adds volume at the roots and curls the ends, giving you a salon-worthy look from the comfort of your own home.

    25. These stylish floating shelves would work in a variety of rooms and they're under £10 for two.

    26. This beautiful monochrome cushion cover would add a touch of luxe to a bed or sofa.

    27. If you use hair removal cream, this one for sensitive skin works close to the root, giving you a smooth feeling for up to seven days.

    28. This extendable duster will get into those hard to reach places with ease.

    29. There's a reason this airbrush leg makeup has become so well loved. The water and transfer resistant formula makes it fuss-free to use, even during the winter.

    30. This jar of vegan sour watermelon sweets would make the perfect gift. They'd also be a good little midweek treat for yourself, you know?

    31. I'm loving green at the moment, and this desk mat not only looks great, but is also waterproof and non-slip.

    32. I've never met a Real Techniques brush I didn't like, so this makeup blender is going straight in my basket.

    33. This spoon rest would look ultra pretty by your kettle, and it saves on constant washing up.

    34. If lockdown has made you all about the comfort, then these bralettes come highly rated by Amazon customers. They have added stretch, making them ideal for sports or even just lounging.