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    26 Practical Products To Solve The Winter Problems You're Googling RN

    Featuring tons of handy bargains.

    1. This First Defence nasal spray claims to help stop a cold in its tracks...take that sniffle season!

    2. And this retractable clothes line is suitable for indoor use.

    3. Or if you prefer, there's this radiator drying rack.

    4. If your lips feel constantly dry, then this strawberry-scented overnight lip mask contains vitamin E, aloe vera, and grape seed oil to hydrate your pout.

    5. These three-in-one dryer cubes claim to reduce the time your clothes need in the tumbledryer.

    6. This Silentnight wearable blanket has sleeves and a lil' foot pocket!

    7. These small hair straighteners claim to be travel-sized, making them easy to throw in your bag for touch-ups after being caught in the wind.

    8. For the people whose feet are always cold, there's this pack of six pairs of foot warmers. They provide up to eight hours of heat and stick to your socks.

    9. And for your hands, there's this five-pack of mini reusable warmers.

    10. This Silentnight double-sized electric blanket boasts a 4.5-star average Amazon rating FYI.

    11. For cold sore sufferers, there's these Compeed patches. They claim to contain hydrocolloid for fast healing.

    12. If you want to be able to carry your cuppa and your snacks in one go, then check out this mug with a built-in biscuit pocket.

    13. These wellington boot socks claim to cushion feet for extra comfort and protection.

    14. If you can never be bothered to make dinner after work on the colder days, then this slow cooker that feeds one or two people has been awarded a 4.7-star average rating by Amazon customers.

    15. I like this Garnier 'hand repair' intensive hand cream for extra dry skin.

    16. Amazon customers rate this Vicks nose-unblocking spray.

    17. If you regularly go on dog walks or live in the country, then this mud-removing brush also has a built-in scraper.

    18. This highly-rated microfibre demister pad is ideal for using on car windows.

    19. This two-pack of waterproof blind-spot car mirrors have been rated literally hundreds of times.

    20. For those boots that you adore but your feet hate, there's these medium-sized blister plasters.

    21. For the windy and rainy days, there's this popular umbrella that claims to have high-resistance to 60mph winds thanks to its fibreglass ribs.

    22. These reusable tissues might be slightly pricey to start with, but they can be washed up to 520 times each at 60°C. They even come with a silicone case that has two compartments; one for storing used tissues, and another for your clean stash.

    23. If your glasses have the tendency to steam up, then this anti-fog treatment is here to help.

    24. Speaking of condensation, this portable dehumidifier neutralises mouldy and musty smells and collects excess moisture.

    25. This stylish rain jacket is great for chucking in your bag for those days when the weather just can't make up its mind.

    26. Finally, this set of two thermal long-sleeved t-shirts are ideal for layering when it gets super chilly.