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    This TikTok-Famous Gym Set Costs Less Than £28 – And It's Just As Squat-Proof As Pricier Workout Clothes

    Spoiler alert: I'm obsessed 😍

    January isn't a month that I typically think about new clothing, but I do love gym wear, especially when it comes in my fave shade of brown – like this set!

    Let me set the scene...whilst browsing (AKA wasting half a day) on TikTok, I came across videos hyping up the Mayround gym sets from Amazon.

    Always one to get FOMO, I knew I had to check out the brown long-sleeved version to see what all the fuss is about.

    When the set arrived, I can't lie, I was slightly concerned at how small the top in particular looked before I'd tried it on.

    However, once I started pulling it on, I was amazed by the amount of stretch both the leggings and top have without going completely see-through, which for a lighter colour is impressive.

    Okay, so overall did the Amazon gym set live up to the hype?