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    41 Items That Might Just Make The Dark Early Mornings Feel A Little Less *Savage*

    Go away alarm.

    1. This highly rated sunrise lamp and alarm clock will help to make the dark mornings feel a little brighter – it gently wakes you up by mimicking natural sunlight.

    2. These adorable heart cutters could be used to make breakfast items look super sweet!

    3. Dry shampoo makes even the most difficult mornings a teeny bit easier, so this Batiste one is going in my basket RN.

    4. I am obsessed with this gorgeous fig and cedar Zoflora disinfectant spray that covers both hard and soft surfaces with a fine mist. It's ideal for giving worktops a quick once-over on busy mornings – simply spray on and 45 seconds later the surface is touch dry!

    5. Wake yourself up with this foaming cleanser by the TikTok-famous brand CeraVe.

    6. And speaking of your skincare routine, this handy moisturiser that you apply while your skin is still wet should save you time in the morning.

    7. Just imagine waking up early and slipping your feet into these faux fur leopard print slippers.

    8. Erm, is it too early to say that mornings would surely be easier if we had these festive flavoured coffees in our lives?

    9. Waking up with hydrated lips will get your morning off to a good start, and this overnight lip balm will do the hard work for you.

    10. It's a bit spendy, but I mean LOOK at this gorgeous festive mug. It'd make a pretty unique gift for a Christmas lover too.

    11. OMG, I don't mean to alarm you but these cute mint booties can actually be heated up – just pop them in the microwave!

    12. Get your morning off to a good start with this mood tracker journal. It helps you to monitor your mood throughout the day, make goals, and even review your energy levels!

    13. Give your glass a quick spray after your morning shower with this leave-on surface cleaner – there's no scrubbing required!

    14. If you want an extra few minutes in bed, then you can make a smoothie on the go or at the office with this portable mini blender.

    15. This highly rated and super chic looking 18-piece makeup brush set costs less than £8, and it should make getting ready early feel a teeny bit easier!

    16. If you're always cold, then getting dressed into these thermal leggings with an extra thick fleece lining sounds like a dream.

    17. If you hate washing your hair first thing, then getting rid of knots just got easier with this detangling spray by popular haircare brand Mane 'n Tail.

    18. This under eye concealer helps to brighten sleepy eyes and has a creaseless formula.

    19. Get breakfast to go with this gorgeous jar and spoon set. You can also measure oats using the handy dual-purpose lid!

    20. Organise your handbag the night before using this travel insert that keeps everything in its rightful place!

    21. This handy habit-changing book is an Amazon bestseller. It helps you to wake up with more energy, focus, and motivation. What's not to like?

    22. This aromatherapy rollerball with the energising scent of peppermint, grapefruit, and lime can be kept in your bag or by your bed to give you a morning boost.

    23. Winter mornings never smelt so good with this Zoflora disinfectant. It can be used on multiple surfaces and it smells like the crisp start of wintery dreams.

    24. Almost 6,000 Amazon users have rated this coconut charcoal toothpaste that claims to help gently whiten teeth.

    25. This two pack of spa hairbands will help your hair stay makeup free during those bleary-eyed early morning applications!

    26. If you're that person whose hands are always cold (it's me!) then you might want to invest in this super handy hot water bottle with a hand pocket for using in between sips of your morning cuppa.

    27. These super cute duck toast tongs that help you grab your bread from the toaster might just put a smile on your face if you're not a morning person.

    28. Breakfast lovers, this purpose built egg board is genius!

    29. This refreshing watermelon, mint, and coconut shower gel will probably make the transition from bed to shower way more appealing!

    30. This super pretty pink electric toothbrush costs under £15, and it comes with four brush heads.

    31. And, if manual toothbrushes are more your thing, then this four pack of 22,000 filament toothbrushes similar to ones that are popular on social media would be a wise investment in your AM routine. They're effective at cleaning but feel really soft, making them ideal for people with sensitive gums.

    32. If you have a diffuser then this coffee fragrance oil will scent your home with the smell of a fresh brew!

    33. How pretty are these shell shaped spoons? If they don't make an early wakeup call easier, then I don't know what will TBH.

    34. This super cosy wearable blanket would be ideal for chucking on over PJs when you have to drag yourself out from under the duvet!

    35. If you have to get up earlier than your other half, then this handy makeup mirror with LED lights will save you attempting your makeup in the dark!

    36. If you're really having one of those mornings and need something to cheer yourself up, then how about this super *fancy* Lindt hazelnut and chocolate spread?

    37. Get your day off to a productive start with this super handy daily planner – it even has a section to track your water intake!

    38. Make yourself a nice morning brew with these organic rise and shine teabags that contain refreshing lemongrass!

    39. Early mornings are more bearable if you slept well the night before. Amazon customers love this sleep eye mask that has been designed to contour the face, preventing light from seeping through.

    40. Rid yourself of that 'just woken up' feeling with this Simple revitalising eye roll-on that refreshes tired eyes.

    41. This large Yankee Candle jar in an 'apple wreath' scent boasts a huge 23,000 ratings and I can't lie, it sounds perfect for cosy winter mornings!