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    If Your Search History Is Full Of Slightly Embarrassing Questions, Here’s 37 Products To Help Solve Some Of Your Little Problems

    If you say you can't relate to at least one of these, then just know I don't believe you.

    1. This 'bump stopper' post-shave treatment helps to get rid of those pesky razor bumps.

    2. These gentle yet effective ear drops will relieve you of hard, built-up ear wax.

    3. If your bathroom is prone to mouldy patches, then this mould and mildew blaster kills 99.9% of bacteria and removes tough stains without the need for scrubbing.

    4. Give your hairbrush a de-fuzz using this mini cleaning tool.

    5. People love this handy little toilet spray that proactively tackles smells in the bowl before you go!

    6. If you're often on the go, then this fresh breath spray is the perfect post-meal companion.

    7. Don't let an ingrown hair bother you, because these purpose-built ingrown hair and splinter removal tweezers exist.

    8. You don't need to drink limescale-flavoured tea, so nab yourself one of these stainless steel descaling donuts pronto!

    9. Rid your teeth of lil' stains with these handy tooth stain remover tools.

    10. This highly-rated hair cutting comb is here to help you wave goodbye to those annoying split ends!

    11. Speaking of your locks, you can keep your drains hair-free with this handy stopper that sits on top of your plug.

    12. If you've got stubborn fruit and drink stains that need removing, then this Dr. Beckmann stain remover might just be what you need!

    13. And if you're clumsy and spill things while you're out, then there's this rather useful stain remover pen that allows you to remove fresh stains.

    14. If you've split a nail, then these nail repair wraps will help you to restore your mani.

    15. If you're slightly embarrassed at the condition of some of your furniture, then this drawer repair kit helps to fix sagging.

    16. I'm convinced we've all looked at our vacuum cleaners at some point and been horrified at the amount of hair caught in the brush. This handy gadget allows you to effectively scrape it out.

    17. If you love to eat but hate the messy side of cooking, then this reusable non-stick silicone meat lifter is an easy way to transport your food from the oven to the plate!

    18. If you wear false tan and constantly stain your bedsheets, then this self-tanning bedsheet protector exists to solve the problem.

    19. Stained cups and guests do not mix, so thank goodness for this coffee and tea stain remover for your mugs!

    20. People rate these travel sickness bands that apply pressure to your wrists and claim to relieve motion sickness.

    21. If your sofas, carpets, and blankets are constantly covered in pet hair, then this highly-rated hair-remover claims to get rid of even the tiniest of strands!

    22. If you want to kiss goodbye to sweat or excess oil produced throughout the day, then these oil-control blotting papers refresh your skin without the need for powder.

    23. Give your most-worn trainers a lil' freshen up with these shoe deodorising balls.

    24. This super useful plughole unblocker dissolves sludge and stops slow-draining water.

    25. If your grouting has discoloured, then this grout reviver pen will cover it so that practically no-one can tell.

    26. When was the last time you thought about cleaning your toothbrush? If the answer is almost never, then you might just want to check out this portable UV toothbrush sanitising case.

    27. If your feet need some serious TLC, then this electronic foot file is here to help.

    28. If you constantly leave the house covered in fluff and pet hair, then this foldable brush can be chucked into your handbag.

    29. Avoid the embarrassment of opening a stinky fridge by storing smelly onions safely away in this purpose-built pod.

    30. This handy tongue scraper helps to rid you of bad breath and bacteria at the back of your tongue.

    31. Rubbish smells are the worst, but this fresh citrus scented bin powder soaks up excess liquid, repels flies, and tackles smelly odours.

    32. If you'd be embarrassed for guests to see the state of your microwave, then this steam cleaner disinfects and deodorises your appliance in mere minutes!

    33. If you have a flaky scalp, then I'm here to tell you that this anti-dandruff shampoo has been rated over 21,000 times!

    34. Show some love to the bits of your bed you don't normally see by nabbing this mattress stain remover.

    35. If you find you sweat easily, then Amazon customers have awarded these underarm sweat pads a 4.3-star average rating. They absorb sweat and stick-on for a no-fuss solution.

    36. If your silver jewellery looks lacklustre and like it's seen better days, then this special cloth removes oxidation to restore its shine.

    37. Finally, if your talons are discoloured, then this stained nail corrector utilises brightening particles to neutralise dull or yellow hues caused by dark nail polishes.