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    I Spent Every Minute Of My Lunch Break On TikTok, And Here's 31 Things I Think You'll Want To Nab From There

    Scrolling pays off you know.

    1. This handy pet brush grooms your pup or kitty and then 'pops' the collected hair off for easy cleaning!

    2. You don't need a scourer when you wash up using these handy textured silicone gloves. They can also be used for general household cleaning, or even washing your furry friend!

    3. Have you ever seen a more spring-appropriate makeup brush than this gorgeous rose one? Me neither.

    4. If your microwave is your cooking BFF, then this handy steamer cooks veggies and other meals in your appliance.

    5. This pocket-sized notebook is waterproof, meaning it can be used in the rain or the bath (if that's where you get your best ideas!).

    6. If you press the side of this oil dispenser, you can infuse fresh herbs with your oil, and it has a little measurer in the top!

    7. This ice cube tray comes with a lid, a scoop, and an ice bin in the bottom, making it ideal for summer drinks!

    8. Or this genius yet cheap as chips one has a hole in the lid so you don't need to worry about spillages when filling it up.

    9. Can you believe that this is a handheld steam cleaner? It gets to work on stubborn dirt and grime without the need for chemicals.

    10. I can't believe that these LED candles come with a little remote!

    11. This super handy LED compact mirror is rechargeable and allows you to do your makeup even when it's dark.

    12. This popular foundation has been raved about across TikTok thanks to its radiant finish.

    13. I've seen people on TikTok sharing food safety holders for grating, and this one looks super handy if you're clumsy like me!

    14. If, like me, you have nowhere to store your dental floss sticks, then you might just want to nab this handy dispenser.

    15. This portable travel razor includes a built-in pre-shave moisturising bar, two razor blades, and a refillable water spritzer so you can de-fuzz on the go.

    16. These reusable cotton buds are washable and come with a dinky case.

    17. If you hate wasting product at the end of your tubes, then these toothpaste and beauty tube squeezers are a must-buy.

    18. These hygienic toilet seat lifters are similar to ones shared across TikTok.

    19. I think I'm gonna need a sink corner drainer in my life TBH.

    20. This clever spaghetti tester tells you when your food is cooked. It also acts as a steam releaser too!

    21. And this handy spoon rest helps to keep your kitchen spill-free.

    22. I couldn't believe it when I found out that these spa wristbands existed – they help to stop water from dripping down your arms while washing your face!

    23. And this makeup brush drying rack hangs your brushes upside down to help them drip-dry.

    24. I love the idea of this colour-removal sponge that cleans your brushes quickly – people on TikTok love similar ones!

    25. This handy pepper corer helps to take the fuss out of food prep!

    26. Foldable and rechargeable fans are a hit across TikTok, and this useful compact one boasts super high ratings for less than a tenner.

    27. If you can never open stiff jars, then this silicone opener grip is here to help!

    28. Outdoor dining season is nearly upon us, so this set of can lid covers that help to stop flies from getting into your drink are genius.

    29. If you're enjoying being able to dry washing outdoors, then these blanket hangers are the perfect accessory.

    30. If you love wine, then you might just want to check out these purifying wands. They claim to remove histamines and sulphates helping to eliminate wine-induced headaches!

    31. Finally, this guitar-shaped matte lipstick boasts three shades in one bullet.