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    I Spent Hours Looking For The Best TikTok Buys, And It Went Like This

    You're welcome!

    1. This three-in-one memory stick allows you to transfer images from your phone to your laptop with ease!

    2. OMG I cannot get over the fact that someone has invented these self-closing toothpaste caps. They stop sticky toothpaste buildup and mess!

    3. These furniture gliders attach to the bottom of your appliances to reduce noise and prevent scratches.

    4. When I spotted this multi-purpose 'chopula' on TikTok I wanted one immediately! It's a flexible spatula that can also be used to chop your fave foods.

    5. If you're sick of crumbs gathering in the gaps between your counters and stove, then these handy silicone covers are here to help!

    6. If you want bougie ice spheres instead of cubes, then you might just want to nab this handy round ice cube tray.

    7. If you loathe organising your food shopping, then these handy trolley bags are similar to ones shared across TikTok. They allow you to separate your shopping into open bags!

    8. This knot doorstop is chic TikTok-inspired monochrome decor at its finest.

    9. People on TikTok have shared adjustable measuring spoons like this handy set – I can't believe it has a range of ten measurements.

    10. If you love spring, then the beauty of these super pretty flower jelly lip balms might just blow your mind!

    11. This clever shower mat has a handy built-in massage pad and a removable pumice stone.

    12. And these silicone body scrubbers exfoliate and are super easy to clean after use!

    13. I need this rather handy over-the-sink colander in my kitchen. It sits across your sink, making it easier to use.

    14. This bottle-emptying kit is ideal for getting the last drops out of your fave beauty and food buys.

    15. These 'wine' lip tints will prove a talking point for more than one reason!

    16. And these lil' ice cream shaped ones are similar to ones being shared across TikTok too.

    17. If you love a space-saving buy, then this roll-up drying rack has a built-in utensil holder.

    18. These sturdy-looking reusable silicone storage pouches come in a dreamy mint shade.

    19. As a homeware lover, I need this utensil rest pad in my life pronto!

    20. And I also can't believe how genius this 'click and carry' grocery carrier is. It allows you to hold multiple bags at once, and it even has a soft cushion grip!

    21. This rechargeable lighter is super handy (and looks kinda fancy, I can't lie!).

    22. This laptop phone holder allows you to flexibly adjust the angle of your phone, giving you the option to look at both screens at once.

    23. If you're sick of never being able to find your batteries when you need them, then this purpose-built storage case also comes with a tester!

    24. And people on TikTok are fascinated by lighters with colourful flames – this clever one has an adjustable red flame!

    25. This handy flower-shaped pill organiser is ideal if you have lots of tablets or vitamins to take on the daily.

    26. If you love wine, then these 'wine condoms' are essentially reusable wine stoppers that stretch over opened bottles!

    27. Finally, if you love a kitchen gadget, then you might just want to invest in this highly rated snap-on tin strainer.