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    37 Handy Things On Amazon To Add To Your Basket Now If You’re A First Time Buyer

    Exciting doesn't even cover it.

    1. This utensil rest is handier than you might realise if you love to cook.

    2. This stylish kettle with a wooden handle comes highly rated. It's so chic, it's probably going to need a place on your kitchen worktop.

    3. This set of bamboo cooking utensils costs under £6 for five pieces! It includes two spoons, two spatulas, and a holder!

    4. These gorgeous beige cereal bowls will surely make breakfast more exciting!

    5. Not the most thrilling buy but a necessity all the same, this set of two toilet roll holders will set you back less than £3!

    6. These stunning wine glasses are super elegant and will make people think you're winning at adulting.

    7. This cushion insert has high ratings and trust me, you'll want to be prepared as cushion cover buying is addictive.

    8. If you're tight on storage space then this four tier ladder shelf could be used to display all sorts of items.

    9. Save drawer space with this foil, cling film, and greaseproof paper holder.

    10. Freshen up your new home using this cherry and peony gel air freshener.

    11. I can't believe how cheap this oak coffee table is! It'd be a great budget option for a neutral home.

    12. This super stylish toaster would look great on your worktop, and it's under £20!

    13. If the grout in your new place could do with a refresh then this white grout pen will help you to tidy it up with minimum effort!

    14. This bargainous doormat costs just over a fiver and will help to keep your entrance or back door space clean.

    15. These gorgeous and cheap solar powered star lights will give your new outside area all the cosy vibes in case you don't get around to making it over right away.

    16. This decently priced, and actually pretty chic, oven glove will definitely come in handy for your first meal in your new home.

    17. Mark the big move with these cute and useful keyrings which will also act as a memento of your house buying achievement!

    18. If there's one cleaning product you should buy for your new place, it's probably going to be this multipurpose cleaner that works on a variety of surfaces. At just £1, it's a bargain that should get most of your gaff sparkling clean!

    19. Laundry baskets are usually a not very exciting yet essential purchase, but when they're as chic as this gorgeous neutral one they're practically a decor piece.

    20. Give your new fridge a freshen up with this handy deodoriser. At just £2, it'll help to keep nasty food odours at bay.

    21. Whether your new place doesn't have a tumble dryer or you're trying to be an adult and save money on bills, this handy radiator airer which has 3m of drying space would be a super grown-up investment.

    22. Speaking of laundry, if you're lucky enough to have a garden area to dry clothes in, then this bargain retractable clothes line is easily pulled out and adjusted back depending on whether it's laundry day or not – clever eh?

    23. This sofa arm tray would come in handy if you've not yet had a chance to choose a coffee table!

    24. This ultra useful set of three extra thick chopping boards make a great starting point for building up your kitchen essentials.

    25. If you're anything like me and can't bear messy looking products all over the bathroom, then this grey wall mounted cabinet would be a great addition to your new home.

    26. Glass mugs are so in RN, and this set of six will set you back less than £15!

    27. Slimline storage options like this wooden bathroom organiser are always a winner no matter the size of your gaff. It stores up to six toilet rolls, keeping your loo area clutter free!

    28. If there's one product you'll probably be thankful you bought for your big moving in clean, it's a Scrub Daddy scrubber like this lemon scented one.

    29. And, if you're getting a new home, it makes sense that your Scrub Daddy does too with this smart storage. It's been specially created to fit your smiley faced friend, and it adheres to most flat surfaces!

    30. If you need to kit out your kitchen from scratch then this three piece stainless steel saucepan set has a whole lotta high ratings.

    31. Unless you're lucky enough to have loads of room, you might want to take a look at this shelf mug holder that'll help you maximise cupboard space.

    32. There's more important things to be doing than DIY, like you know, enjoying your new place and all that. This set of stainless steel self adhesive hooks will make hanging towels super easy, and they're under £4!

    33. If you're anything like me you'll know a garlic crusher is a necessity. Imagine my shock when I saw that this little string powered chopper was under a fiver!

    34. This super glam table lamp would look on trend in a home office or by your bedside. It has a dual USB charging port too!

    35. Move washing from the machine to the line with this tall pink basket that has handles for easy transportation.

    36. Make easy work of giving your new loo a deep clean with these power fizz tabs. The active foam acts against common problems and removes limescale, rust, and discolouration.

    37. Finally, during the big move store your necklaces where they can be safely transported with this travel jewellery roll bag.