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    30 Game-Changing Items Under £10 That Future You Will Probably Be Happy You Bought

    Just me looking out for my future self.

    1. This collapsible pet bowl clips on to your bag, making it perfect for parched pooches while you're out and about.

    2. If you're trying to grow your locks then this cold pressed castor oil claims to promote hair growth. It can be used on sparse eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as to soften and hydrate your skin.

    3. Applying false lashes can be fiddly, so this handy applicator could save you from last-minute getting ready stress!

    4. Your locks will thank you for buying this heatless curling rod that curls hair without frazzling it.

    5. My memory foam pillow is one of my fave home purchases. This one comes highly rated by Amazon customers so I think you should probably invest.

    6. Let's face it, cleaning up after your pet in the garden is no-one's idea of fun, but this long handled dog pooper scooper should make it a little easier.

    7. I've got clumsy future you's back with this red wine stain remover spray.

    8. Radox bath soaks are always a winner, so it's best to keep one like this in your cupboard for bad day emergencies.

    9. This foot rest can be used while sitting at your desk, or even to raise your legs while lying down.

    10. Someone has invented passionfruit tea on a stick, and I reckon cosy winter you will be glad you have it in the cupboard.

    11. If your rings called and they want their sparkle back, then this jewellery cleaning bath could be just the thing to help.

    12. Kiss goodbye to makeup in your hair with this four pack of spa headbands. Future you will be so glad you bought them.

    13. This super useful nasal spray is made from 100% natural sea water and claims to limit cold symptoms, so I reckon it's worth a try with the colder weather on the way.

    14. Your feet will thank pre-bottomless brunch you for using these gel insoles on the balls of your feet. No more burn!

    15. Had a bad night's sleep? These cucumber cooling pads will help to de-puff and revitalise tired eyes.

    16. Pretend you're saving it as a gift if you like, but this set of hot chocolate bombes melt when you pour in hot milk. They have dinky marshmallows inside too!

    17. Speaking of buys future you will be thankful for when the dark nights roll in, this chocolate brownie mug mix will probably be one of them.

    18. When cleaning day rolls around you might just be pleased you bought yourself some curved toilet rim brushes.

    19. If you're forever trying to remove waterproof mascara every time you wear it, then this bi-phase eye makeup remover would be a worthwhile investment. It's suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers too.

    20. This multi-fat remover gets rid of stains caused by fat and sauces. Get ready to kiss pesky cooking oil stains goodbye!

    21. A clarifying shampoo like this one will help to rid your hair of product buildup. Keep it in your bathroom cabinet for those times when lacklustre hair strikes.

    22. If you occasionally struggle to sleep, then this pillow spray would be a calming addition to your bedtime routine. It contains the relaxing scent of chamomile and lavender essential oils.

    23. A spot treatment is always handy to have for when a pimple rears its head. This one is a bargain, contains purifying salicylic acid, and immediately gets to work reducing the appearance of spots.

    24. Prepping ingredients is up there with one of the more boring kitchen tasks, but these scissors make it a breeze by cutting herbs and some softer veggies using five handy blades.

    25. If you're clumsy, these stain remover wipes will help to clear up everyday spills with minimum fuss.

    26. If you're tight on space then these space saving hangers would be ideal for your wardrobe.

    27. This magnifying mirror will make doing eye makeup so much easier. The tortoiseshell style means it'll also look great on your dressing table – bonus!

    28. These pain relief heat patches would be super handy to keep in the cupboard.

    29. Getting used to life with shoes again can mean pesky blisters, but these hydrocolloid plasters provide cushioning and a fast healing environment.

    30. Protect your hands from drying cleaning products with this scrubber which has a handle.