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    If Your Idea Of A Wild Night Is A Takeaway And Bed By Nine, Then I'm Pretty Sure You'll Appreciate These 39 Convenient Products

    Handy doesn't cut it.

    1. This magnetic kitchen utensil set allows you to store your most-used items with ease.

    2. And these bargain measuring spoons nest to keep your kitchen looking neat.

    3. Forgot to de-fuzz on your way out? This foldable pocket lint brush is mega cheap and can be chucked in your bag!

    4. If you have to carry your medication with you, then this three-pack of keyring pocket pill cases is super handy.

    5. And if vitamins in tablet form aren't for you, then how convenient is this vitamin D oral spray?

    6. This non-slip rug underlay helps to keep your mat from sliding about.

    7. Add this affordable cooling gym towel to your basket, add water, and enjoy the chilled feeling for up to four hours.

    8. If clumsy is your middle name, then this three-pack of kitchen sink splash guards is practically guaranteed to come in handy.

    9. Need to hide your bra straps with minimal effort? These racer-back clips have got you covered.

    10. Prevent spillages with this ice cube tray that comes with a lid and has an easy-pour section for filling.

    11. This specially-designed microwave bowl holder protects fingers (and laps!) from burning.

    12. Amazon customers rate this wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser that's sure to impress guests.

    13. Keep this dual-sided car de-mister pad to hand and thank us later. It has chamois and microfibre sides for cleaning foggy windows and mirrors.

    14. This slim-fit laundry basket has wheels making it super easy to move from the machine to the drying rack!

    15. Get into the most awkward places to clean thanks to this flexible long-reach radiator brush.

    16. This chopping board has two storage drawers for holding the food you've already cut!

    17. Almost 13,000 Amazon customers have rated these personalised printed wheelie bin stickers that will help to navigate neighbourhood confusion.

    18. Prone to cuts or uncomfortable skin after shaving? This affordable styptic pencil is here to help.

    19. Clean stainless steel with minimal fuss thanks to this handy cloth that only requires water.

    20. If your home is in need of a little TLC but you really can't be bothered, then this hob scraper claims to remove dirt and burnt-on food with ease.

    21. These handy pegs claim to be resistant to moisture and rust, making them ideal if they're left out in drizzly weather.

    22. This compact 'magic' whisk claims to work like a full-sized whisk, easily mixing and getting rid of lumps whilst also being easy to store.

    23. And this clever OXO Good Grips angled measuring jug allows you to read measurements from above.

    24. This deep-cleaning silicone loo brush claims to keep its shape and requires only a gentle pressure.

    25. When that wild night on the sofa arrives, then you'll be glad you bought this budget-friendly flexible sofa tray.

    26. Or if you prefer to spend the evening in the bath, then this under-£5 bath tray is a super handy buy.

    27. Organise your wardrobe with these space-saving trouser hangers that hold multiple pairs on each.

    28. Clean your grout with ease thanks to this purpose-built brush.

    29. This pack of two blind cleaners will help to rid neglected areas of dust.

    30. And you can give your keyboard and other super slim spaces a tidy up thanks to this set of six brushes.

    31. Prevent your pots from bubbling over with this pack of two steam vents.

    32. How handy are these multi-purpose silicone trivets that can be used to put pots on and also to handle them?

    33. If you don't have tons of kitchen space, then this collapsible washing-up bowl can be tidied away after use.

    34. Pasta lovers will appreciate how convenient this spaghetti-measuring tool is.

    35. This highly-rated lint-removing tool costs less than £3.50 and effectively removes fuzz.

    36. This super useful OXO bottle brush comes with a handy stand for neat storing.

    37. This under-£10 clip-on bedside light is a nifty night-in buy.

    38. And if you don't have room for a bedside table, then this clever clip-on shelf is a great alternative.

    39. Finally, you can clean higher up with this extendable feather duster.