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    These 40 Bargain Summer Amazon Items Have No Business Being So Ridiculously Cheap

    PSA: no item costs over £5!

    1. This ice cube tray makes ice in the shape of lil' love hearts!

    2. This three-piece mini gardening tool set costs less than a fiver!

    3. Give your BBQ a good clean with this super popular grill-cleaning block.

    4. This highly-rated cooling towel is sure to come in handy.

    5. And you can treat your pet to this self-cooling pad for when the weather gets hot.

    6. I can't get over how cheap this portable foam mat seat is!

    7. I love that this classic sarong costs less than £4!

    8. And if you love tacos, then this one-piece pyjama playsuit costs just £3.99!

    9. You can carry your passport in style thanks to this cute holder.

    10. This clear travel toiletry bag would come in so handy for trips abroad.

    11. I love how useful this mini fingertip-control razor looks for holidays!

    12. If you love the butterfly trend, then these 3D nail art sequins are totally adorable for a DIY mani.

    13. Keep your clothes anti-perspirant and sweat mark-free with this Dr. Beckmann stain remover.

    14. These handy 'dip clip' sauce holders clip on to plates making them ideal for BBQs!

    15. And these barbecue fans are here to help keep your coals burning.

    16. If you find your skin looks extra shiny in the summer, then these bamboo charcoal blotting papers can be used to blot away excess oils.

    17. These mini ice blocks are ideal for keeping your picnic cool!

    18. Meanwhile, this spork with a case is a must-buy if you plan to dine out and about this summer. It also has a serrated edge so that it can be used as a knife!

    19. This three-pack of lip balms contain SPF30 and they come in lush-sounding watermelon, mint, and vanilla scents!

    20. I can't get over the fact that this insulated wine bottle cooler that has a carry strap costs less than £5! It's going straight on my picnic wishlist.

    21. This Garnier gradual self-tanning moisturiser is one of my faves for adding a daily glow.

    22. And this pedicure foot file has a 4.5-star average rating and will set you back less than £2!

    23. If you're venturing somewhere hot, you'll probably be glad you invested in this cooling and hydrating Evian facial spray.

    24. This cheap as chips cutlery holder can be used as storage for al-fresco dining and as a drainer for your knives and forks once they're washed!

    25. This two-pack of anti-mosquito wristbands provides up to two weeks' protection.

    26. This refillable perfume atomiser bottle is ideal for holidays!

    27. And this set of two super pretty luggage tags cost less than a fiver.

    28. These cute little fruit earrings would be a fun addition to a summer party!

    29. If you still love baking during the summer, then this seashell cookie cutter will help you make the sweetest treats.

    30. Or if you adore anything beach-themed, then how about this cute mermaid one?

    31. Give your home a summer spruce up and add this lush-sounding piña colada fragrance oil to your diffuser.

    32. This hayfever nasal spray contains a whopping 100 spritzes and it provides eight-in-one relief!

    33. Don't forget to pack your aftersun if you're going away! This Calypso one with aloe vera is cooling, soothing and a total bargain!

    34. And while you're at it, there's also this highly-rated sun-sea UV hair protection with argan oil.

    35. These fruit fly traps help to keep your plants protected.

    36. And there's nothing worse than the smell of warm rubbish while you're trying to enjoy the garden, so this fresh linen-scented bin powder is going straight in my basket.

    37. This reusable gel mask can be cooled to give hot and tired eyes a break from the heat.

    38. PSA: These staple sunglasses are just £2.99!

    39. And these stretchy underwear shorts are seamless, making them ideal for wearing under dresses.

    40. Mitchum roll-on deodorants are my go-to in summer, and this 48-hour protection one has a maximum-strength formula.