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    If You’re Thinking “Ugh, Another Amazon List", I Still Think You'll Want These 37 Cheap Staples

    Featuring heaps of goodies for less than a fiver.

    1. I love this Dr Organic guava shampoo that basically smells edible (it isn't btw). It contains vitamin C to enhance colour and shine, and it's paraben and SLS-free.

    2. And the equally lush-smelling facial serum brightens, moisturises, and hydrates for a rather reasonable price tag.

    3. I need this flexible foot file that claims to be able to conform to the foot and be easy to hold.

    4. Give your kitchenware a new addition in the form of this nifty palm peeler.

    5. Get your bathroom organised thanks to this OXO Good Grips suction razor holder.

    6. This Fairy dish spray is perfect for spritzing over pots and pans to remove stubborn dirt and grease.

    7. I love the matte shades that these large claw clips come in. They look stylish and are perfect for quickly whipping your hair out of your face.

    8. Treat your bathroom to this reasonably-priced over-door airer that also doubles as a towel rack.

    9. If your hands are extremely dry now that the weather is colder, then might I suggest this O'Keeffe's overnight intensive hand cream?

    10. Speaking of O'Keeffe's, their Lip Repair unscented lip balm is one of the few balms that works for me.

    11. And for your face, I've been loving The Ordinary's Moisturising Factors. It feels light and non-greasy, plus it contains 11 amino acids including hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture.

    12. If you lounge about in your towel after getting ready, then might I suggest this towel poncho that can also be used for getting changed after swimming?

    13. This Gillette mini razor is ideal for travelling or even just saving space at home.

    14. They might not be the cutest purchase you've ever made, but Amazon customers rate these silicone heel protectors. They provide cushioning for uncomfy shoes, making them ideal for boot season.

    15. Speaking of comfort, these bra strap cushions help to prevent nasty digging.

    16. If you regularly have to carry heavy shopping bags, then these handy gadgets claim to relieve pain and discomfort in your hands while lugging your items home.

    17. This two-piece groove and slot cleaning brush set can be used on keyboards, in sliding door slots, and to get into hard-to-reach areas on windows.

    18. Treat your talons to this Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle remover that claims to dissolve cuticles in mere seconds!

    19. And this S-shaped nail file is ideal for following the natural curve of your nails.

    20. Everyone needs a hot water bottle IMO, and this extra-long one costs just over a tenner.

    21. Make staying hydrated easier thanks to this water bottle that has time markings and a built-in straw.

    22. If your oven needs a little TLC, then this two-pack of scraper tools is super handy.

    23. For your stainless steel surfaces, this specially-created protector claims to restore shine and add a protective coating to make future cleaning easier.

    24. If you can never reach your back in the shower, then this highly-rated double-sided scrubber is for you. There's bristles on one side and a loofah on the other!

    25. Give your radiators a little freshen up thanks to this bargain pair of microfibre dusters.

    26. This dust mite stopper spray can be used on mattresses, pillows, and other upholstery. One application lasts for up to six months and it claims to be ideal for allergy sufferers.

    27. Pet owners, this hair-removing brush is a total steal.

    28. The CeraVe Blemish Control gel contains three essential ceramides, plus glycolic and lactic acids. It claims to gently exfoliate while protecting the skin's natural barrier.

    29. This strawberry-scented cuticle oil pen is perfect for chucking in your handbag.

    30. I love the idea of this Bloo Fragrance Switch toilet rim block that smells of juicy peach when it's dry, and then switches to sweet apple when your loo is flushed!

    31. Snap up these Joseph Joseph pan lid organisers and watch your cupboards feel super satisfying to open!

    32. This manual cheese grater comes with three different blades and can be used to cut all manner of foods.

    33. I reckon this Dettol antibacterial laundry cleanser is going to end up in my basket. It has a fresh cotton fragrance and claims to give a hygienic clean.

    34. This affordable comb and brush set costs less than £8 for five pieces!

    35. Car owners, this reusable dehumidifier bag is a winter buy you'll probably be glad you invested in.

    36. This portable charging bank has been reviewed thousands of times on Amazon and boasts an overall rating of 4.3 stars. It has three USB ports too!

    37. You're probably already in love with the Dr. Beckmann carpet stain remover, but did you know that this upholstery version exists?