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    These 28 Cheap Lil' Amazon Products Will Probably Make A Big Difference To Your Week

    Inexpensive and useful? Count me in.

    1. This useful microwave plate comes with a removable steaming tray, making it ideal for heating up leftovers.

    2. I never knew that these oven rack protectors existed! They claim to help prevent burns on hands and forearms while you're reaching into the oven.

    3. Speaking of your oven, these grease cooker hood filters are ideal for that area you always forget to clean! They can be cut to size, and help to prevent odours.

    4. This highly-rated set of six scourers also comes with a reusable handle to give an effective grip.

    5. These clever lil' jar scrapers will help you get every last drop from your fave products.

    6. Cleaning bottles can be a pain, but it's about to get easier thanks to this long-handled bottle cleaning brush.

    7. And for those hard to clean areas in your home, Amazon customers rate this OXO Good Grips deep clean brush set.

    8. Nab this Elbow Grease stain remover bar for getting stubborn stains out of your fave clothes.

    9. This Zoflora disinfectant mist can be used on both hard and soft surfaces, making cleaning way easier!

    10. And for your grout, there's this easy-to-use reviver pen that's mould-resistant and gives your grouting a new lease of life!

    11. These little shoe deodorisers are ideal for gym bags, lockers, and trainers!

    12. This extendable back scratcher is here to scratch that annoying itch.

    13. Meanwhile, these nesting mixing bowls make storing your kitchenware tidily super easy.

    14. This bed organiser will help you to keep your most reached-for items close by.

    15. If your new boots have been doing you dirty, then these silicone gel heel cups are here to help.

    16. If the colder weather has left you with flaky lips, then these silicone lip exfoliator brushes might be just the thing you need.

    17. Get the most out of your toothpaste and tubes by nabbing these squeezers.

    18. Keep your hop looking fresh thanks to this Minky scraper. It easily removes burnt-on food and dirt.

    19. This oven rack push-pull stick helps you to remove baking trays without getting your hands super close to the oven.

    20. Carry your fave perfume in your bag without taking up too much space by snapping up these mini refillable atomiser bottles.

    21. This earphone cleaning pen is ideal for getting rid of grime.

    22. Car owners, this reusable dehumidifier bag helps to absorb moisture and condensation.

    23. This lil' lavender-scented sloth can be popped in the microwave as an alternative to a hot water bottle.

    24. If you never manage to finish a hot drink, then this electric mug warmer helps to keep your cuppa toasty.

    25. Get your knits in tip-top condition by snapping up this ultra cheap fabric and sweater comb.

    26. If your dishwasher could do with some TLC, then this Dr. Beckmann deep cleaner is here to help.

    27. For carpets that need tackling, there's this carpet refresher foam that eliminates odours without the need for vacuuming.

    28. And to finally organise your floordrobe, there's these 'magic' space-saving hangers.