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    Wait, Don't Go, Can You Please Explain Why You Didn't Tell Me About These 41 Under-£7 Products Before

    There's no room for gatekeeping around here.

    1. I was shocked when I saw that this mini gel nail lamp costs less than £6 and is small enough to be carried around with you!

    2. This silicone lip product holder is TikTok famous but I wish someone had told me about it earlier.

    3. Speaking of lip products, FRIENDS fans might just want to snap up these adorable coffee cup lip balms. They'd make a great present, just saying.

    4. This colander and bowl combo set is ideal for when you need to drain and keep sauces.

    5. People who constantly forget to drink their water will probably appreciate this motivational water bottle with time markings.

    6. This fluffy black bag will add texture to an autumnal 'fit.

    7. How handy do these retractable travel makeup brushes look? I'd chuck them in my handbag for everyday touch-ups.

    8. If you don't own a hot water bottle, then this cute one costs less than £7.

    9. These lil' pumpkin decorations are ideal if you love changing up your decor for the season ahead.

    10. My mind was blown when I first saw this car seat organiser.

    11. If you constantly need a coffee by your side, then these collapsible travel mugs allow you to reuse your cup and squish it down when it's not in use!

    12. These handy magnetic measuring spoons stack together for easy storing!

    13. As a lazy cook, I wish someone had told me that this microwave egg cooker existed long before they did! It helps you to make poached and scrambled eggs, and even omelettes!

    14. If you often travel, then may I please ask why you didn't tell me ages ago that this travel jewellery organiser existed?

    15. These stylish yet affordable gold-plated earrings have a huge 4.9-star average Amazon rating.

    16. And this zodiac necklace costs less than £2 and would make a cute gift!

    17. If you like carrying a straw with you, then these collapsible silicone ones even come with handy cases!

    18. PSA: This highly-rated handheld milk frother costs less than £6!

    19. If your hands are always cold then this reusable instant warmer costs less than £4!

    20. I adore the muted tones on these pretty scrunchies.

    21. These little snack bowls would be ideal for nibbles and dips!

    22. Sniffle season doesn't have to mean ugly tissue boxes spoiling your aesthetic when this dispenser with a lid exists.

    23. Speaking of colds, this Vicks waterless diffuser comes with two menthol VapoPads to help with easy breathing.

    24. If you love a kitchen gadget, then this multi-purpose pizza cutter can be used on pies, cheese, veggies, and more!

    25. If your PJ drawer is in need of a refresh, then this basic set costs just £6.99.

    26. Whether you're a fan of a grazing board or simply want to make breakfast time a lil' bit *fancy*, then these honey dippers should probably go straight in your basket.

    27. When I first saw this geode bath bomb I was mesmerised, and it might almost be too pretty to use TBH.

    28. As a tea connoisseur, I feel it was my right to know about these dark caramel teabags long before I did.

    29. I love that this EoS hand lotion comes in a refreshing cucumber scent.

    30. This nifty toothbrush holder has space for brushes, a cup, and your toothpaste.

    31. I'm kinda obsessed with this Tony's Chocolonely sea salt and caramel bar that feels and tastes super fancy.

    32. If you're a cute stationery fan or you have a little one, then this lipstick eraser set is adorable.

    33. This cute sheep holder can be used for cotton buds, stationery, and more!

    34. I love a useful buy and this mini cheese grater looks ideal for a single portion.

    35. This simple yet super versatile jumper starts from just over £6!

    36. I'm obsessed with the glam packaging on this set of matte lipsticks.

    37. Update your sofa or bed with these bargain cushion covers.

    38. This lint roller and remover set contains three handy hair-removing gadgets for less than £7.

    39. Give your fave little plant a new home in this leggy terracotta planter.

    40. This manicure set in a cute pastel pink shade boasts tons of high ratings.

    41. If, like me, you're obsessed with fragrance, then this car vent diffuser allows you to pop your fave scent in your vehicle.