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    I'm Not Even Sorry That These 35 Under-£10 Autumnal Products Are Sitting In My Amazon Basket

    Let the pumpkin spiced lattes begin.

    1. These chic pumpkin decorations are so cute they wouldn't look out of place in your home this early!

    2. One of the best things about autumn is the coffee flavours, and this pumpkin spice syrup sounds delish.

    3. Or if tea is your hot drink of choice, then how about these highly-rated apple and cinnamon teabags that are made with whole fruit pieces as a little treat?

    4. And you can get your home smelling autumn-ready with this 'autumn air' fragrance oil that smells like orange, lemon, cinnamon, and clove.

    5. If you're more of a sweet scent kinda person, then this vanilla and hot milk one also has a high average Amazon rating.

    6. I'm sorry, but these leaf dipping bowls are going straight in my basket.

    7. These Chelsea boot-style wellies are a total steal and will help you to ward off puddles in style.

    8. And for indoors, there's these faux-fur slippers that are a total steal.

    9. If you need an excuse not go outside, then let everyone know with this cute (and rather truthful!) mug. It'd make a great gift for someone with an A/W birthday too!

    10. And these delicate silver-plated earrings would also make a super cute seasonal present.

    11. This cinnamon and honey-scented body scrub is perfect for rejuvenating cold-weather skin.

    12. Don't leaf (tehe!) your room out of a little seasonal makeover thanks to these bargain maple lights!

    13. I love my hot water bottle all year round, but autumn fans might just want to nab this fun one that can be tied round your waist with its clever belt cover.

    14. And this handy *ahem* version can be used to keep your mitts warm.

    15. This super snuggly-looking teddy sweatshirt is ideal for cosy nights in.

    16. And this fleece throw can be added to your bed or sofa, plus it comes in multiple colours!

    17. Calling all baking fans, these leaf cookie cutters will help you make tasty seasonal creations.

    18. This 'winter morning' Zoflora disinfectant will surely get you in the mood for snuggly season.

    19. And if you're that person who's patiently waiting for Halloween, then you can start to get excited with these themed Scrub Daddy sponges.

    20. For your hands, there's this three-pack of spicy pumpkin-scented hand washes.

    21. I love the sound of this tonka bean and pumpkin Yankee candle.

    22. Keep your lips hydrated as the weather gets colder thanks to this wintery-scented set of Burt's Bees lipbalms. They come in vanilla bean, mint cocoa, peppermint, and salted caramel flavours and they boast a 4.8-star average Amazon rating!

    23. Relax indoors with this super cheap autumn garden colouring book.

    24. This TikTok-famous cute glass teddy mug is making me want to ditch nights out for evenings on the sofa.

    25. And this doggy draught excluder is equally adorable.

    26. Cuppa o'clock just got cute too thanks to this set of two squirrel tea strainers.

    27. And for your kitchen, there's this set of two fox tea towels.

    28. If you're a bath kind of person, then these doughnut-shaped bath fizzers will elevate your soak.

    29. This set of four cushion covers will add a little pop of autumn to your living room.

    30. I can't get over the super cheap price tag on this unisex dressing gown.

    31. Seeing as you'll probably want to spend most of your time glued to the sofa with a blanket, thank goodness someone invented this super useful arm tray.

    32. And for those all-important snacks, there's this rotating tray that has little drawers and even a space to hold your phone!

    33. Lounge in style with these timeless yet comfy-looking fleece pyjama bottoms.

    34. I'm obsessed with the chocolate brown shade of this slogan sweatshirt that I just know I'd live in.

    35. Or if you prefer a hoodie, then might I suggest this bargain yet timeless one?