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    BuzzFeed Readers Snapped Up These 26 Budget-Friendly Amazon Products The Most During September

    Including items that cost literal pennies!

    1. This mould and mildew blaster will set you back less than a quid, and requires no scrubbing. You do the maths!

    2. Speaking of useful cleaning buys, you've all been snapping up the Elbow Grease degreasing spray too.

    3. It looks like our readers all have super clean carpets thanks to the Dr. Beckmann carpet stain remover.

    4. And this Maybelline 'sky high' mascara went in hundreds of people's baskets!

    5. Keep your dishwasher clean like tons of BuzzFeed readers thanks to the Dr. Beckmann deep cleaner.

    6. Dr. Beckmann was super popular during September as people also snapped up this foaming loo cleaner in their droves.

    7. And looks like your mattresses are stain-free too thanks to this professional stain remover spray.

    8. These Dots for Spots pimple patches have been added to many a September skincare routine.

    9. Banish pesky limescale with this foam remover spray.

    10. I am one of the people obsessed with this koala hot water bottle that sits around your waist!

    11. It's not hard to see why this baking soda is so popular for cleaning when it has multiple uses!

    12. This fabric and sweater comb is a steal for sprucing up jumpers.

    13. These fuzzy ball towels save space and are easy to use thanks to their rounded shape and absorbent material.

    14. BuzzFeed readers have been giving their grouting a lil' refresh with this handy reviver pen!

    15. This acne cream has been flying off the (virtual) shelves this month. It contains salicylic acid and safflower seed oil and claims to reduce sebum production and exfoliate the skin.

    16. This doughnut kettle descaler is a great way to spend £2.20!

    17. It seems as if skincare was a popular category during September as people also bought the Garnier vitamin C serum. It claims to brighten the skin (perfect for winter!) and also contains niacinamide and salicylic acid.

    18. You can join heaps of people in keeping your washing machine hygienic by nabbing this Dr. Beckmann deep cleaner.

    19. And if you have laundry with stubborn stains, then this Elbow Grease stain remover bar boasts a high average Amazon rating.

    20. Beauty fans have been snapping up these reusable make-up remover pads.

    21. These silicone protectors are covering the drains of many a BuzzFeed reader.

    22. Meanwhile, lots of you have been prepping for autumn by bagging this reusable car dehumidifier that absorbs condensation.

    23. Loads of you headed to the checkout with these eyebrow razors (that can also be used as dermaplaning tools!) in tow.

    24. And these silver-plated leaf earrings made it into plenty of people's baskets too.

    25. If you've ever smelt this Nivea antiperspirant, you'll probably know why it's so popular!

    26. This fragrance oil has been getting our readers in the autumn spirit.