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    These 31 Amazon Products Are June BuzzFeed Reader Best-Sellers, And It's Not Hard To See Why

    Consider me fully influenced.

    1. Literally hundreds of people have snapped up this SPF50 over-makeup spray – I'm a serial repurchaser too!

    2. Meanwhile this Calypso scalp protection spray also went in hundreds of people's baskets!

    3. And to avoid those summer sores, there's this anti-blister stick that prevents friction.

    4. I own one of these cooling gel pillow inserts and it's a hot weather dream.

    5. Pet owners have been snapping up this six-in-one washing machine cleaner that dissolves pesky hair strands!

    6. There's definitely worse ways to spend a pound than on this mould and mildew remover that doesn't even require scrubbing!

    7. The sticky weather calls for this Dr. Beckmann sweat mark and antiperspirant remover.

    8. Get your BBQ looking fresh with this grill cleaning block!

    9. And it's not hard to see why people love this Dr. Beckmann foaming loo cleaner. It's self-activating, making it super easy to use.

    10. And these personalised wheelie bin stickers are as popular as ever!

    11. This 'healthy feet' foot cream tackles extremely dry and cracked feet.

    12. I love this SPF30 radiance booster for giving skin a summer glow – and judging by the amount of people snapping it up, you do too!

    13. These adjustable bra strap clips are ideal for altering the fit of your underwear and adding up to a full cup size.

    14. Keep your plants protected with these sticky fly traps that boast a high rating!

    15. Thanks to its multi-use capabilities, people have been loving The Pink Stuff cream cleaner that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

    16. People have also been nabbing these ice cube trays with lids that are easy to store in the freezer.

    17. And the practical buys continue with this stainless steel kettle descaling doughnut!

    18. This set of three tin covers help to keep leftovers fresh.

    19. The recent heatwave meant that this portable air cooler unit has been selling like hot cakes.

    20. Speaking of handy hot weather buys, there's also this maximum strength anti-perspirant that claims to last for up to five days.

    21. Joseph Joseph is super popular, and this washing-up liquid dispensing brush from their range is no exception.

    22. Beauty fans, this 'cocoa radiant' body oil is a steal and a fan favourite.

    23. For heatless hair styling, people adore this curling hairband which can be used overnight.

    24. How useful does this multi-tool pen look? It contains screwdrivers, a ruler, and more!

    25. And this folding toothbrush is so handy for travelling!

    26. I can't believe how super cheap this handy razor holder is!

    27. This hydrating coconut mist spray contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to nourish and refresh your complexion.

    28. These nifty little ecoballs claim to eliminate bad odours and extend the life of your fresh fruit and veg!

    29. These heel protectors have been snapped up, so I'm guessing we all have pretty well looked-after feet this summer, huh?

    30. And we're also taking care of our plants with these self-watering globes.

    31. Finally, this Elbow Grease degreasing spray costs just ONE pound. When it can be used on multiple surfaces, it doesn't take a genius to see why it's a best-seller.