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    I'm A Serial Scroller And Here's 37 Genius Amazon Must-Haves I've Found

    Clever doesn't do these products justice.

    1. This makeup brush holder doubles as a drying rack. It can be flipped on its side for easy air-drying.

    2. And this hanging toiletry bag is just as ideal for using at home as it would be in a hotel!

    3. This long-handled bottle cleaning brush is a total steal at just over £2.

    4. I'm gonna need this shower drink cup holder for a chilled night in.

    5. I love the fact that you can get a purpose-built tin colander for draining tuna and other tinned goods.

    6. And this highly-rated kitchen gadget set is genius for small spaces! It contains five tools including a grater, bottle opener, peeler, pizza cutter, and a garlic grinder.

    7. This super clever spoon also doubles as a jar scraper thanks to the handy tool on the opposite end!

    8. And these purpose-built bottle scraping tools will help you get every last drop from your fave buys.

    9. If your home doesn't have much storage space, then this utensil rack is genius!

    10. If, like me, you reach for your hot water bottle for aches and pains, then this clever round-shaped one fits your neck and shoulders!

    11. This cheap-as-chips heat-resistant mat pouch for your heated hair tools is the perfect travel and home storage companion.

    12. If you're glued to the sofa most of the time, then this remote control holder will keep your most-grabbed items close by.

    13. These handy car air fresheners sit in your vents, and they come in a delish-sounding blueberry scent.

    14. If you love toasted snacks, then this toastie maker works with your hob, meaning you needn't waste countertop space on a hefty machine.

    15. And if you adore garlic as much as I do, then you might just want to nab this heavy duty press that boasts a high average rating.

    16. These Joseph Joseph saucepan lid holders are a totally genius storage option.

    17. If you're accident prone, then this instant stain remover pen is a must-have.

    18. This super useful ring mark remover gets rid of most white water and heat marks. It's suitable for use on a variety of surfaces and it restores shine!

    19. I love that this bathroom tile cleaner extends to help you access those hard-to-reach areas.

    20. And if you're that person who constantly eats while parked in their car, then these air vent sauce holders are genius!

    21. This cup cleaning brush can be attached to your sink or wall to make rinsing glasses super speedy.

    22. These bra extenders are a genius way to give your ill-fitting underwear a new lease of life.

    23. And these elastic waist extenders can be used to give a looser fit to trousers or jeans.

    24. If you like to do DIY the easy way, then this clear double-sided mounting tape can hold up to 6kg. It bonds glass, ceramics, metal, wood, and more!

    25. I can't believe the rather reasonable price tag on this electric bobble remover that gets rid of fuzz on clothes.

    26. This handy makeup remover sponge gets rid of powder from brushes so that you can change colours easily while mid-application!

    27. To make your life easier in the kitchen, there's this meat lifting tool.

    28. And these handy roasting sticks for your BBQ are extendable so you needn't get too close!

    29. Upgrade your pamper night with this nano-glass foot file that boasts a 4.6-star average rating from Amazon customers.

    30. If you don't have room for a desk but sometimes work from home, then how about this budget and space-friendly folding option?

    31. And for your bed, there's this clip-on tray that's a great space-saving alternative to a bedside table.

    32. This wall-mounted washing line is retractable and can be used indoors!

    33. This nesting kitchen funnel set has a 4.3-star average rating, and costs just over £7!

    34. If you use false tan, then this handy applicator set includes a body and face mitt, and a back applicator.

    35. This set of eight (yes, eight!) nail oil pens come in different scents including strawberry, orange, peach, and more! Plus they're a total bargain at just over a fiver.

    36. If you have rings that are a little too loose, then this set of four clear adjusters will help to make them the perfect size!

    37. And if you live alone, then this necklace and bracelet fastening tool helps you to do up tricky jewellery.