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    38 Amazon Buys That Are So Practical You'll Probably End Up Buying One For You And One For Your Mum

    Why did no-one tell me sooner?

    1. This over-tank toilet roll holder holds two rolls at once!

    2. And I can confirm that this super handy and rather cheap cookbook holder is going straight in my basket.

    3. I love the fact that this cleaning caddy has a handle so you can easily transport your fave household items around!

    4. I won't lie, this handy flat mop is the perfect space-saver for your cleaning stash.

    5. If you're tight on kitchen space, then this magnetic spice rack can be stuck onto the side of your fridge and boasts a whopping five-star average rating!

    6. This three-in-one washing up caddy is ideal for storing sponges and dispensing washing up liquid with ease.

    7. If you don't have a splash back, then this non-stick portable splatter guard will help to protect your walls.

    8. These rose-gold dropper bottles have a huge 4.8-star average rating and are ideal for decanting your fave skincare products into.

    9. This Kilner 'food to go' jar set is so handy for taking lunch to work.

    10. Whether you choose to work from your bed, or nab breakfast between the sheets, then this wooden bed tray has so many uses!

    11. If you enjoy giving your clothes a new lease of life, then this hemming web allows you to alter hems without the need for sewing.

    12. I can't believe that this bathroom shelf with a detachable towel rail costs just under £9!

    13. And you can upgrade your bathroom bin to this handy Joseph Joseph one that has a recycling compartment for less than £20.

    14. Beauty fans, this double-ended foundation brush allows you to sculpt, blend, and contour without carrying around multiple brushes.

    15. And if you WFH or want to give your stationery collection a little refresh, then treat yourself to these double-ended highlighters.

    16. If you get sick of your chopping board sliding around, then this super useful bamboo one comes with an anti-slip edge that sits over the edge of your countertop.

    17. This under-cabinet hook organiser is a storage lover's dream.

    18. And this under-shelf kitchen roll holder makes use of wasted space.

    19. This Joseph Joseph serving bowl has a waste compartment to keep shells or peel tucked away.

    20. Meanwhile, this draining rack rolls over your sink to maximise space. It can also be used as a vegetable drainer, a BBQ rack, and a trivet.

    21. If you love cooking, then I'm pretty sure you'll appreciate this two-in-one garlic cutter that allows you to mince and slice your fave seasoning.

    22. If you spend way too long in the car on the daily, then this magnetic car air-vent phone holder is the perfect travel companion.

    23. How handy does this glass-washing brush look? The suction cup sticks onto your sink so you can push your glass on top to give the inside a super scrub!

    24. Stained pans are a pain to clean, so this copper cream that gets rid of tarnishing and discolouration would be a wise kitchen investment.

    25. If you and your mum love a natter over some wine, then this rapid cooler chills your drink in five minutes without the need for ice – it's ideal for those impromptu visits!

    26. This mini collapsible car bin is a total steal at less than a fiver.

    27. And these heel grips stick to your shoes to help avoid rubbing and blisters.

    28. If your sofa sags, then this seat-rejuvenating board is here to save the day!

    29. These blanket hangers are ideal for drying your laundry outside this spring.

    30. This multi-functional herb-stripping tool is perfect for peeling and cutting your fave garnishes.

    31. Upgrade your morning routine by nabbing this automatic toothpaste dispenser.

    32. These super useful straps fix slippy bedsheets into place.

    33. And this handy wall-mounted can crusher also has a bottle opener at the base!

    34. Quick lunches just got easier thanks to this silicone omelette maker that you can pop in the microwave!

    35. Keep this sink-unblocking tool in your cleaning stash for emergencies.

    36. This double scrubbing brush has a large scrubber for big surfaces and a detachable lil' brush for getting into narrow spaces.

    37. I can't believe that these silicone cups fold down! They're ideal for camping or drinking on the go.

    38. And if you prefer sipping through a straw, then this handy reusable one collapses and comes in a cute carry case.