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    52 Thoughts About "Lilo & Stitch" During Its 20th Anniversary

    Seriously, how old are these kids?

    Not to make anyone feel old, but Lilo & Stitch came out 20 years ago.

    I was 15 when it came out (because I'm old) and never got around to watching it (because I was ~too old~ for cartoons), but have always heard it was very good.

    The anniversary had me curious, though, so I decided to finally check it out. Here are all the thoughts I had while watching:

    1. I love when the production logo matches the movie.

    2. Monstrosity feels like a strong word...

    Gantu asking what is that monstrosity in Lilo and Stitch

    3. 626 kind of sounds like Stitch if you say it super fast? Is that how he gets his name?

    Stitch in a glass dome

    4. Why would you create something that's supposed to destroy literally everything?

    Jumba saying His only instinct: to destroy everything he touches.

    5. Okay, what does "meega, nala kweesta" mean, because these aliens look scandalized...

    6. "It is the flawed product of a deranged mind" lol same

    Stitch licking glass

    7. Why does this mean alien shark sound so familiar?

    Gantu in Lil & Stitch

    8. Piglet??

    An alien who looks like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh

    9. Hawai'i really can't catch a break — if it's not tourists it's aliens.

    A graph of a rocket crashing into Hawai'i

    10. I'm sorry, are these aliens responsible for mosquitos?? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

    Pleakley holding up a mosquito chart

    11. Again, why do evil scientists always create monsters that are "unstoppable" or undefeatable? Do they really think they're immune from that?

    Jumba saying I designed this creature to be unstoppable.

    12. Can someone get this guy some SPF 1,000??

    A man with a terrible sunburn in Lilo and Stitch

    13. Someone's definitely going to slip on that water Lilo tracked in.

    Little hula girls dancing near puddles of water

    14. *stares at camera*

    15. Do fish eat peanut butter?

    Lilo saying And today we were out of peanut butter!

    16. Okay, I can already see why Lilo and Stitch are going to get along.

    17. That doll isn't that scary, these girls are a bunch of wimps.

    Lilo and her doll Scrump

    18. Damn, Lilo's sister's a hot head too, lol.

    19. Omg Tia Carrere is the voice of Nani?? 😍

    20. This guy isn’t really a social worker, is he?

    Mr. Bubbles in Lilo and Stitch

    21. This movie is hilarious.

    22. How old is Lilo? I can never tell how old anyone is.

    Lilo looking inquisitive

    23. In what world is this a falling star???

    24. I feel like Stich and Zim would either be best friends or mortal enemies.

    25. If they thought Stitch was dead why did they put him in the kennel with a bunch of not-dead dogs??

    Animal shelter employee saying We thought it was dead — it was hit by a truck!

    26. Again with the mosquitoes!!!

    Pleakley saying That girl is part of the mosquito food chain!

    27. "We have to blend in" please tell me we see these two jokers trying to "blend in" with the human population.

    Pleakley saying we have to blend in

    28. Amazing.

    the two dressed in human clothes

    29. I don't know why but something about live-action movies and shows on television sets in animation is very pleasing to me.

    Stitch watching TV

    30. Seriously, how old are these kids?

    The mean kids in Lilo and Stitch

    31. Hot.

    David twirling fire sticks


    Lilo saying Stitch is troubled he needs desserts

    33. How on earth did that wig stay on??

    34. Me talking about my asshole cat.

    Lilo saying be careful of the little angel about Stitch

    35. NOT COFFEE.

    Stitch drinking coffee out of a bottle

    36. Yes queen!

    Pleakley admiring himself in a wig in a mirror

    37. Okay, this is now a horror movie.

    Pleakley covered in mosquitos

    38. It's a comedy again.

    39. Okay, first of all, why does he care how Stitch acts, and second of all, how does anyone think Stitch is a dog??

    Mr Bubbles saying Next time I see this dog, I expect it to be a model citizen.

    40. 😭😭😭

    41. Even if they didn't know he can't swim this feels like a bad idea.

    Stitch, Lilo, and Nani surfing

    42. Okay, Nani needs to chill.

    43. Does Bubbles not have any other cases??

    Bubbles standing on the beach ominously

    44. Why would Pleakley be sent to prison??

    Alien saying Consider yourselves fired and prison-bound.

    45. Nani, you fool!

    Nani saying to Lilo I need you to stay here for a few minutes. I’m gonna be right back. Lock the door and don’t answer it for anyone.

    46. Something tells me Mr. Bubbles will not be happy Nani and Lilo's house has been blown up.

    47. Seriously, Pleakley??

    Pleakley saying Look at the bright side. You won’t have to yell at anyone anymore!

    48. Is this guy ever going to get to eat his ice cream??

    49. Aww, he saved the frog.

    50. What is Mr. Bubbles doing here??

    Mr. Bubbles and Lilo

    51. That tracks.

    Mr Bubbles saying CIA. Roswell. 1973.

    52. Damn you, Mr. Bubbles.

    Mr Bubbles saying Convinced an alien race that mosquitoes were an endangered species

    53. Okay, the closing credits were A+ but I'm still annoyed we never got to see sunburn man finally eat his ice cream.

    A photo Lilo and Nani with their parents and a photo of Stitch

    Overall, super cute! Tell me what you think of Lilo & Stitch in the comments! (I'm especially curious about how native Hawai'ians feel about it.)