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    18 Times "The Office" Actually Taught Me A Lot About What Corporate Life Is Like

    All the warnings were there.

    Even though a lot of what happened on The Office was anywhere from silly to ridiculous, a lot of it was pretty true to what goes on in corporate America.

    In the 13 years I've been working in office settings, it's wild how often I think, "This is just like that episode of The Office."

    Here are some of those episodes that prepared me for what it'd be like to work in actual offices:

    1. "Health Care"

    2. "Sexual Harassment"

    3. "Office Olympics"

    4. "Email Surveillance"

    5. "Initiation"

    6. "A Benihana Christmas"

    7. "Cocktails"

    8. "Fun Run"

    9. "Survivor Man"

    10. "Employee Transfer"

    11. "Nepotism"

    12. "Costume Contest"

    13. "Threat Level Midnight"

    14. "Todd Packer"

    15. "The Inner Circle"

    16. "Angry Andy"

    17. "Work Bus"

    18. "Lice"

    What did The Office teach you about corporate America? Sound off in the comments!