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People Who Never Want To Get Married, Tell Me Why

Marriage isn't for everyone.

When it comes to relationships, marriage can be a divisive topic.

For the most part, people either want to get married or don't, though there's a faction who don't really care either way.

I myself have pretty take-it-or-leave-it feelings about it. If I end up getting married, great, and if I don't, also great.

I know my reasons for not really caring about tying the knot, but if you're more likely to say "I don't" than "I do," I'd like to hear them.

Maybe you're just not into that kind of commitment, or maybe you were previously married and aren't eager to try again. Maybe you're non-monogamous and think marriage would gum up the works, or maybe you can't actually legally marry your partner.

Whatever your reasoning, let me know in the comments for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.