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    15 Things You Might Not Know About Jordan Peele's "Nope"

    The real story of "Gordy" is just as heart-wrenching.

    WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for Nope.

    I, like many other Jordan Peele fans, went to see Nope last weekend, and as I do with movies I enjoy, I started doing research on it afterward.

    Here are some of the most interesting things I found out:

    1. The title Nope is not an acronym, as fans suspected.

    2. Jordan Peele wrote the role of OJ specifically with his former Get Out leading man, Daniel Kaluuya, in mind.

    3. Agua Dulce is a real place in California and is home to multiple ranches frequently used in film and TV.

    the vasquez rocks in agua dulce desert

    4. You can visit Jupiter's Claim.

    the entrance to jupiter's claim

    5. You can also visit the Jupiter's Claim website and follow it on social media.

    6. Fry's Electronics was a real company.

    the fry's electronics in burbank with a crashed ufo sticking out of it

    7. Jordan Peele and his team consulted with bonafide jellyfish expert, Professor John Dabiri, about the design of Jean Jacket.

    a jellyfish in the water

    8. The tragic story of Gordy the chimp mirrors a real incident.

    a chimpanzee outside looking toward the camera

    9. Jordan Peele might have been thinking about Nope for nearly a decade.

    Dreamt that a baby chimp attacked some people then ran to me and hugged me all scared. I woke up with tears streaming down my face. #bruh

    Twitter: @JordanPeele

    Back in 2014, he tweeted that he dreamed about witnessing a chimp attack, and as the New York Post pointed out, it sounds an awful lot like what happened to Steven Yeun's character, Jupe, in the film.

    10. Terry Notary, the actor who portrayed Gordy via motion capture, has played another chimp in the past.

    rocket in rise of the planet of the apes

    11. The two-second clip of a Black man on a horse really was the first example of a motion picture.

    12. This character originally wasn't going to survive.

    angel from nope

    13. The T-shirts seen in the movie were no accident.

    emerald wearing a jesus lizard shirt in nope

    14. Jupe almost had a very different look.

    jupe from nope

    15. We might not have seen the last of Jean Jacket's kind.

    jean jacket the alien in nope

    What did you think of Nope? Sound off in the comments.