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Luxury Travel And Resort Workers, I Want To Hear Your Wildest Stories About Dealing With The "Uber Rich"

I hope some of them had ludicrously capacious bags.

There are rich people, and then there are rich people.

You know, the types who go to White Lotus-style resorts or have family vacations on giant yachts.

If you've ever had to work for people like that, whether at said resort or in another travel-related capacity, I want to know all your wildest stories.

Maybe you had a resort guest who decided to indulge their rockstar fantasies and absolutely trash their room.

Or one who completely monopolized the time of a particular employee.

Or perhaps you worked as a caterer for a wealthy family who wasted an astronomical amount of food during a vacation at their summer home.

Whatever it is, let me know in the comments (or via this Google form if you want to remain anonymous) for a future BuzzFeed Community post.